Idol Gives Back

Anyone watch this? I am watching it right now, for the first time. (DVR~forgot I had it.)

I am so incredibly touched and moved. Those children in poverty in America just touched my heart. Makes me want to give (I know, the point). Save the Children was an amazing program!

Anyone else touched by a charity on that show?

Washington, DC ( – The popular talent television show American Idol has again decided to align itself with pro-abortion groups for its annual “Idol Gives Back” fund- raising campaign. The program, which airs tonight, will send donations from viewers to Save the Children and the United Nations Foundation, both of which back abortion.

Idol should be ashamed of itself for supporting abortion AND not letting viewers know it AND masking all of this evil under the guise of helping children. “Save the Children.” Unfortunate.

As much good as Idol certainly does, we can’t support something that does so much evil. I knew Idol might be supporting abortion and evil, and when Elton John came on and told everyone to “wear condoms,” my suspicions were affirmed.

But how many pro-lifers unknowingly gave to this? It’s a travesty.

Possibly the good this organization does outweighs the bad.

And “wear condoms”, well, most of the world isn’t Catholic, so I’m sure he meant nothing immoral about it. I’m sure it was his way of hoping to avoid abortion and unwanted pregnancy.

Just as he referred to Jesus as a homosexual, Elton John probably wasn’t trying to be perverse, right? Wrong.

Condoms have nothing to do with a cheesy pop culture show. He is going to promote deviant behaviors as well as he can before he’s gone.

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