Idolatry of the Bible

Is anyone else shocked by this phrase and the definition below?

A link to the news story is below. The phrase ‘lesbian bishop’ would have been shocking a year ago, I guess.
A Baptist college president in Nashville said Tuesday evening that people should not use “idolatry of the Bible” to discriminate against homosexuals.

“It’s sad that people use religion and idolatry of the Bible to demoralize same-gender-loving people,” American Baptist College President Forrest Harris said in response to criticism involving the decision to allow a lesbian bishop to speak there.

**What does Harris define as “idolatry of the Bible?”

“When people say (the Bible) is synonymous with God and the truth,” he said. “We can’t be guided and dictated by a first-century world view.”***

The USA today article was already gone. But before my conversion I belonged to a protestant sect that truly worshipped the bible as an idol. op

As ** was saying, everything done in that had to have “authorization” from the bible. My childhood preacher would quote the bible by saying “God said”.

Anything from the bible was “from God”, not from the bible was “from man”.

The phrase ‘lesbian bishop’ would have been shocking a year ago, I guess

Since Gene Robinson was installed in 2003, people really ought to have been over the shock by 2014. Having said that, I know someone who has not yet forgiven the French for 1066, which I think is unfair on ethnic grounds alone.

The term which you mention is sometimes used in the form bibliolatry, dates back to around 1763, and is used as a pejorative for biblical literalism and/or legalism.

The Bible is God’s written Word. It is not idolatry to seek to uphold the authority of God’s Word and obey the law contained therein. To privilege the words and ideas of sinful men over and above God’s Word, however, is idolatry because it presumes to place authority that belongs to God alone in their hands.

Do you believe in any means of knowing God’s will apart from the Bible?

For me, the Bible can be a form of idolatry if it is interpreted to sin against charity of our neighbor, and making the Bible say or mean that which it does not.


Perhaps he means those protestants who seem to worship the bible as if it were God, to the exclusion of everything else. He may have a valid point on that but even from a historic Christian view, discounting the bible, this Pastrix has no place giving a lecture a Christian seminary, especially considering her actions.

I guess for me it’s hard to say yea or nay in that is the lady going to speak about alternative lifestyles or is she speaking about another area expertise that has nothing to do with her “sexual orientation.” I would say definitely no if she were to be discussing issues with homosexuality especially because it is a very conservative Christian university (college? can’t remember from the article).

There comes a point in our Christian lives that we show we respect and love the sinners but hate the sin that is being practiced.

The Catholic Church has orthodoxy – the correct way of belief, and orthodoxy–the correct way of behaving. One can be inclined to sin…but not act on it, which then is a temptation and not sin.

The Catholic Church allows Biblical Studies where one can project one’s personal interpretation but it is not considered that for the Church. But for one to project sexual orientation to reinterpret Scripture is really going out there as the Bible is based on the narrative of one man and one woman.

This is a very odd comment. And most of the Bible predates the first century. He is effectively draining the Bible of any sort of power. I would guess Harris believes that some of the moral code of the Bible should be followed. But on what justification? Why aren’t the parts he thinks have force just as much an outdated first century world view?

But notice how vague the statement is. In particular it certainly doesn’t say that the bible isn’t true, just that it isn’t “synonymous with God and the truth”.

Possibly the real idea is to get Harris’ opponents to say something they don’t really believe. :hmmm:

To worship the Bible is not to understand its nature or purpose. It is a hugely important pointer towards how to live your life and follow Jesus’ direction to our salvation and eternal happiness in Heaven, BUT of itself it is not Divine, and therefore should not be considered for worshipping.

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