Idoser and others new hypnosis therapy

Are these against the Catholic teachings?

Some “noises” therapy like Idoser, promises us to put our brain in a stationary frequency helping us to achieve a better concentration, self confidence, etc…

I’m afraid if it’s against the church of Jesus Christ!:eek:

God bless us:thumbsup:

I’m not familiar with this one but you must have a very serious valid reason to undergo hypnosis or it’s a sin. In this state one can most easily be possessed too. It can happen. Based on the info u gave I’d stay away.

When something is touted as “A Legal Alternative to Illicit Drugs” as I-Doser is, I would stay far, far away from it.

In a world where illegal drugs run rampant, did getting high just become much easier? An online music site may provide a legal high that is undetectable, has no health side effects, and can be performed at your computer. I-Doser is a new online service that sells musical tracks for prices between $1-$5 per track. Each track in their library is named after a particular drug, both legal and illegal. The tracks are supposed to give the listener a similar experience to that of the drug it is named after. These tracks range from alcohol, to marijuana, to sleep aids, to ecstacy, to crystal meth, to heroine. The site boasts itself as a legal alternative to the illicit drugs that are rampant today.

Very good. If what she says is true. To avoid sin stay away.:thumbsup:

Oh my God! I live in a college campus, my roommate bought 3 “doses” of it and asked me if I would like to use it for a while, I said no because I didn’t know what Idoser was all about, I have to advice him to stop, he is also Catholic:o

The concept is based on what is called, “binaural beats”. Two different frequencies enter the ears and effect a change in brainwave frequency. Binaural beats was discovered in the early 1800’s and has been growing in popularity since the mid 1970’s.

Some hypnotherapists use binaural beats to help their clients, but very few that I know of. The typical use in a hypnosis session is simply to help the client enter a state of hypnosis. But there are so many other methods to do so, that this one is used very little. You have to use electronic means to induce hypnosis and most hypnotists prefer not to.

Honestly, I don’t know how that company did the research to conclude at what frequencies to use for each supposed “recreational drug”. It sounds far fetched to me. Not impossible, but I question their science background. They offer no idea on what qualifications they have to do this. So, I’m thinking it’s a scam.

The Church hasn’t defined its position infallibly as far as I can tell. I searched and searched, but only found references to this and that date and speeches, but no real backup evidence of such. But, I will say that hypnosis is vastly misunderstood. Hypnosis is something that happens to every one of us. My teacher defined hypnosis as “being open to suggestion”.

It’s not like some old movies that show some magician forcing someone to do something agains their will. Mythbusters did a show on hypnotism and disproved many myths. You can find the video on youtube.

Hypnosis is using selective thinking. That is, if you tell me convincingly enough that I believe it, contrary to my own judgment about it, then that is hypnosis. It is bypassing our own critical judgment and focusing our mind on something (called selective thinking), whether an abstract construct or something entirely real.

It is a valuable tool for many people, but like anything else - can be used for evil purposes, just like driving a car to get to work or driving on a sidewalk to kill as many people as you can. Intent matters.

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