If 80% of Americans Wore Masks, COVID-19 Infections Would Plummet, New Study Says | Vanity Fair

Now if we could convince people to do it.

I got some negative comments for being “afraid of the corona virus” for wearing a mask out the other day and saw less than half of the people I encountered wearing them. It doesn’t give me hope.

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Where I work, everyone wears them. It is required entering and exiting, and relaxed once you are sitting at a cubicle for hours on end. I don’t see why wearing a mask is too much to ask, and I say this as someone who believes continued shutdown does more harm than good. But if you want a semblance of a normal existence, is wearing a mask in public too much to ask?


Same at my place of business. We are masked, not so much for our own protection, but that of our customers.


At then there are those “good people” at the state capital in Michigan, as Great Leader calls them.

Where I live, everyone wears a mask.

But what’s weird? No one talks. A murmured excuse me seems to be about it.

Even at the cash registers… I mean, between the cashier and customer.

I had to get a new card at Costco last week, and was so hoping she’d let me keep the mask on, but alas, I had to pull it down just enough to see my mouth when she snapped the picture. That’s a keeper.

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Where I work we are still prohibited from entering the building. The parent company has moved all the child companies to the same buildings in each city. For my city the office space is made of buildings that had once been warehouses in a train yard. It’s an open floor plan where they’ve done away with cubes and instead have long tables without divisions. 3-6 people sote on each side of the table. Compared to the previous spaces it is a great environment for spreading germs. The eating area is even more optimized for germ sharing.

I don’t think it is. I wish that view were more popular.


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