If a cradle Catholic falls away from the Church, could he be baptized again?

If someone sprinkled as an infant eventually fell away from the Catholic faith, would it be acceptable for him to be re-baptized as a symbolic act after the process of reconciliation? Sort of like renewing wedding vows?

If someone is considered to be validly baptized then they cannot be baptized again. The sacrament leaves an indelible mark the first time that it occurs. As such it is impossible to be repeated.

In order to prevent scandal or doubt in people about their own baptisms the Church absolutely forbids reenactments of baptism. Baptismal promises can be renewed, but the actual action of baptism cannot.

Can. 845 §1. Since the sacraments of baptism, confirmation, and orders imprint a character, they cannot be repeated.

Can. 869 §2. Those baptized in a non-Catholic ecclesial community must not be baptized conditionally unless, after an examination of the matter and the form of the words used in the conferral of baptism and a consideration of the intention of the baptized adult and the minister of the baptism, a serious reason exists to doubt the validity of the baptism.

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