If a pet fish who was blessed dies, bury or flush?

Wasn’t sure where to post this and I’m aware it’s probably a stupid question, sorry. Still curious!

If I have my pet fish blessed, such as on the blessing of pets on St. Francis’ feast day, and the fish dies, plumbing issues aside, would it be wrong to flush the fish corpse down the toilet? Not sure if the blessing of pets carries the same effect as blessing an object as a sacramental.

Respectfully burying a deceased pet, providing it’s legal in your area, is a good way to show appreciation for all the hours of affectionate companionship that pet gave you. Of course, fish aren’t exactly cuddly lap creatures, but one still gets enjoyment from maintaining a well-kept aquarium and caring for their aquatic pets, watching their often amusing antics, keeping them healthy and even hand feeding them. There can develop some measure of rapport with even a fish.

Animals are gifts from God, and should be treated as such. While there are public pet cemeteries, some folks prefer burying their pets on their own private property.

Flushing down the toilet seems rude, although at that stage I’m sure the fish wouldn’t care one way or the other. It’s more how WE feel about these things, and I, for one, prefer a respectful burial to the more convenient disposal.


I am sorry for the loss of your fish.

I have never been a fan of flushing dead pets, blessed or unblessed. It is disrespectful and, in the cases where a child is involved (I know this isn’t your case but it often is when it’s a pet), it sends a wrong message to the kid about God’s love for his creatures. The fish is small. Get a spoon and bury him in the yard or the park. I always did when I was little and I think it conveys respect for life. Your fish will help plants grow.


Thank you.

Only one guppy died but unfortunately the others are acting weird and I’m afraid they may follow. I’m trying to figure out and fix the issue.

I did end up flushing the one but having seen these points, I’ll bury the others. I didn’t even think of it that way, showing respect for God’s creation.

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You may have too many for one tank or a ph problem with the water.


Jesus ate fish

I think it may be ammonia, not sure if I got the first fish out fast enough after death. But I will research those other possibilities. Thank you

bury it. give nutrients back to the earth.

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