If a Protestant...


…joined the Catholic Church yet declined from asking saints for favours and from confession and from the rosary and from saying the Hail Mary would that person be kicked out of the church or is it ok to worship in the way you see fit while being Catholic? Just curious.


Well, in the liturgy, Mary and the saints are invoked. So it would be tough to participate in Mass. Mass is the Heavenly worship–all the angels and saints gathered together in Communion with God and one another–so if you plan on going to Heaven, get used to it :smiley:


There is nothing in the Catechism that says a person must pray to saints for favors, or must pray the rosary, or must pray using the Hail Mary. However, it is a precept of the Catholic Church that a person goes to confession and receives the Eucharist at least once during the Lenten/ Easter season each year.


Also, one the dogmas we believe in is the Communion of Saints. There’s no rule that says in private prayer you must invoke them, but why wouldn’t you unless you rejected the dogma?


Hello sandmountainsli

Saints and Mary are there to help you. My understanding (and please correct me if I am wrong) is that rather you tap into that help is up to the individual Catholic. Confession however is required if you are to take communion. At my RCIA we were told that Catholics are encouraged to take communion once a year, so then confession, at a minimum would be once a year as well. I pray the Rosary daily and confess every two weeks. My father on the other hand has never prayed the Rosary (his loss) and confesses only once a year.

God Bless


He would be free to not ask Mary or the Saints to pray for him as that is just a benefit to the faith, not the center of our faith.

Our worship is centered on Jesus, if perhaps a hymn or a prayer includes asking the intercession of Saints he would not be forced to do this and would not be excommunicated. Most everyone would not notice anyways as our worship is focused only on Jesus.

Yet he cannot deny that the Saints are in heaven, alive in Jesus, love us and are part of the Body of Christ. If we ask for their prayers that is more personal.

He would have to accept the belief in the full Body of Christ, yet would not be obligated to participate in the parts that he is not comfortable with.

I do not sing some songs that they sing in Church as they are kinda heretical, I focus on remaining true to Jesus and not misrepresenting my beliefs by following along the songs of some wacky choir person.

As a Catholic my center of faith is Jesus and a fidelity to the truth He expressed. So I am perfectly free to affirm that quietly and honestly. That is also why I gravitate toward the priest to recieve communion, instead of some guy\lady in a robe.

In Christ,

(as someone else said, whether you know it or not they are still praying for you as Saints in heaven are all worshipping God and we join them at Mass)


It would be different if he not only didn’t pray to saints but absolutely refused to and made public the opinion that to do so was wrong, though, right?


That’s right.


Anyway, being Catholic is not about seeing the bare minimums you have to do. That is the wrong attidute. Being Catholic is about embracing the fullness of faith. :slight_smile:


Many Catholics express their opinion opposing the Catholic Church in several practices, now publically doing this is just wrong as that is not the Christian method of conduct.
That is pretty much libel.

Since we are supposed to work toward unity, publically expressing a dissention to something that you are professing a unity is divisive and wrong.

What is better is to talk privately and personally with the person who directs the parish and explain why you abstain from the practice of asking saints to pray for you if it comes up.

Now to publically protest as a Catholic that you refuse to pray to saints as that is wrong is a complete misrepresentation of the Catholic faith if understood that we are ignoring or dishonoring God.
That would be evil and completely dishonest as that is not Catholic belief, which is common from people who slander the Catholic faith. So I would encourage that person to look into it as participation in the Communion of Saints honors God.

So yes it would be different as publically expressing division in the unified Church is a contradiction and scandalous. Not good stuff if you call yourself a Christian.

In Christ



Im confused:confused: The CC teaches that confessing once a year is all you have to do, but of cousre you are encouraged to do it more. I thought we were to ask forgiveness for all our sins. I dont know about you, but I sin daily:( Therefore I need to ask for forgiveness daily in order not to grieve the Holy Spirit. I dont know about you but I couldnt possibly remember my sins after a whole year or even after a week. Sometimes I cant even recall what sins I committed that day.:eek: You would think I was older then 40:o Do they teach you to go to confession onlt to take the Eucharist or do they teach you to go to confession to make sure you are right with God on a daily basis? Im sure Im misunderstanding your statement.:o



It should of course be a necessity for a Catholic to go to confession once they have committed a grave and mortal sin. There is nothing that I am aware that says you cannot go to confession as often as you want to. Like I said, I go every two weeks, if I felt I needed weekly confession, I would go weekly.

With that being said a Catholic is not to recieve the Eucharist with an unconfessed Mortal sin.

Hope this helped God Bless



Thank you. Yes that helped.:smiley:


Yes, confession is just like folks in the middle ages taking baths. You take one once a year whether you think you need one or not.


But what would be the point of joining the Church, with those opinions?:confused:


Well, the CC Claims to be the true church as founded by the Apostles and Christ.
I was just curious if it would welcome us wayward Christians back even if we chose to hold our theology.


Please re-read (or read for the first time) the Profession Of Faith required at Confirmation


I am unfamiliar with your Profession of Faith.
I had to recite the Apostle’s Creed when Baptized. Is it similar?


Yes, it is.

I was just curious if it would welcome us wayward Christians back even if we chose to hold our theology.

Why would you wish to hold to a false, man-made theology?

Why not embrace the theology of Christ and the Apostles, exactly as it is taught in their Church? :wink:


I do, it’s call Presbyterian-Methodism;)

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