If a spouse is mentally/physically abusive can one divorce and remarry in the Church?

Say one gets married (and I am familiar with (CCC 1650) ), and once that ring goes on, the other person is completely different. The person either cheats on you, is verbally abusive, is physically abusive, the person is cruel to you…can you divorce and remarry in the Catholic Church.

First, I recommend this person speak with a priest concerning his/her marriage situation. Even if a civil divorce is obtained, the Church will consider the marriage valid until the contrary is proven through an ecclesiastical tribunal (Canon 1060).

Whether domestic abuse is grounds for an annulment, this would also be determined by the marriage tribunal.

“An annulment is an official Church declaration that a previous marriage no longer binds a person spiritually. This is issued only after a thorough evaluation of the prior marriage, and states that the marriage never had all the essential elements required. These essentials, according to Catholic understanding, include sufficient maturity, free choice and emotional capacity on the part of the spouses, as well as other, more technical elements. The investigation always focuses on the beginning of the marriage, since it is the actual consent exchanged at that time which brings about a valid marriage or not.”


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