If Abortion isn't a CRIME, what is it?

Saw this on a blog and thought it might make for a meaningful discussion

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Even if it isn’t a crime here in the USA, it’s certainly a sin no matter where one lives.

According to democrats - healthcare for women…:frowning:

I think this is more of a trick question that the pro-choice movement is using to try and weaken support for pro-life causes.

Generally speaking, it’s an act of desperation.

Amen to that. :thumbsup:

It is a crime. I find it completely insane how anyone can justify abortion.

In the US, it’s a legal right within certain legally deemed reasonable restrictions.

Reasonable restrictions being “whenever you feel like having one.”

I think this is a question that a lot of pro-choice people ask to pro-life people: “Should abortion be considered a crime? If not, then what is it?”

BUT we ought also advantage ALL possible legal remendies

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HOW so?

I CAN see that possibility, but is it a legitimate option?


Actually in the USA it “legal” up to the time of birth , the ninth tymester:eek:

:eek: OMG!

And we are. Unfortunately, we’ve had a pro-abortion administration, congressional majority and federal judiciary for the last 8 years and oh-so-very-wrong the Supreme Court Roe vs. Wade decision to deal with. It’s one of the reasons the Dems lost so big in this election. So now, hopefully, and prayerfully, we can begin to make some progress in peeling back the advances the pro-abortionists have made.

I don’t think it helpful to penalize those who seek abortions, but rather those who provide them. Along with federally funded aid to women who need financial help in order to keep their babies, along with not withdrawing scholarships and grants to women who decide to keep their babies instead of aborting them so they can “get ahead” in college or the workplace. We need a turn-around in attitude towards women who want to keep their children instead of telling them it’s their babies or their college degree/career advancement/relationship with the faith, etc. We need to help our society embrace having children, once again instead of penalizing women for having them. How about that? :wink:

I, too, think this is a trick and a distraction (not from the OP, but from non-pro-lifers.)

I think it’s possible to justify penalizing women for obtaining abortions on a reasoned, logical basis. However, this has never been the way things were done when abortion was a crime, and for pro-lifers to discuss it as a possibility - at this point in time - plays right into the pro-abortion strategy of painting pro-lifers as people who hate women and have no compassion for them (and only fake compassion for the children who die.)

Abortion rates have declined because we have the science of fetal development on our side, and committed pro-lifers have offered genuine alternatives. The vast majority of women who get abortions would rather not. If we can alleviate the reasons that lead them to choose abortion, whether they fall under the legal definition of coercion or not, most of them will choose life. We’re already seeing that happen and I think this is the best place for pro-lifers to make their efforts.

If we have a society that truly values all life, where good Christians (and non-Christians) step up to help families and women in crisis, THEN I think we can have a discussion about criminal penalties for women who seek abortion. Until then, I think to engage in this discussion seriously prolongs the time until Roe v. Wade is reversed, when it will become a state matter. I would much rather see the abortuaries shut down and the abortionists locked up.

Actually it’s not legal to the time of birth in most US jurisdictions (and less than 1% of abortions occur after viability at 21 weeks in the US) and the courts have ruled there is no right to abortion up to the time of birth and that restrictions on later term abortions are reasonable.

And there are also not 9 trimesters in a pregnancy.


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