If Allah is a name for God, what's wrong with Catholics praying to him?

Fr. Vincent Serpa said in the thread “Re: As a Catholic am I allowed to engage in Muslim prayer”

“Why in God’s name would you want to engage in a prayer involving the 99 names of Allah when you are a committed Catholic? This boggles the mind!”

I am not questioning you at all, but my question is, isn’t Allah the god fo Islam, and the God of the Islamic people is the same God as the God of Abraham, and we, as christians worship the God of Abraham, as such, although muslims (as far as i know) do not beleive in Three persons-One God, they are still worshiping one person of the persons of God, and althought i do not beleive that the Islamic has the truth to guide a person to heaven by itself, would I be correct in saying that Islamic people (Muslims) worship the same God we do, partly atleast.

And if so, then what is wrong with praying a muslim prayer that does not contradict christian beleifs and practices, and still worships the God of Abraham. Now i do not know what is involved in the ‘99 names of Allah prayers’, i am a Catholic in the making (wanting to convert) but i am speaking of other prayers that may fit this description.

Again, i do not wish to contradict you, however my curiosity and confusion has gotten the better of me.

Dear St,

After answering the original question regarding Catholics using the ninety-nine names of Allah in prayer, I saw the names and recognized that they are innocuous enough. But my question still stands: Why would a practicing Catholic want to pray to God in the fashion of a religion other that the one that God actually founded? We do not believe in the revelations that Mohamed claimed to have received. We hardly regard him as holy, considering the way he lived. So why pray in his fashion?

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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