If animals do what God commands of them, then why does stuff like this happen?


Here is a video from National Geographic showing two male penguins fighting nearly to the death because one of the penguins is a husband and his wife was being unfaithful to him with another male penguin, which is the one he is fighting.

Why would God command his creations to be unfaithful and vengeful, even if they are just animals with no conscious decision making? Wouldn’t that contradict is all-loving nature?



I just yelled one of my dog’s names and he stopped scratching. I am certainly not God. So “huh”?


Penguins are not married…

Given the state of the definition of marriage in our world I could see how you could be confused. But penguins do not marry…:rolleyes:


You are anthropomorphizing the penguins. They do not have human ‘feelings’ or morals. If the one male cannot hold its mate, it loses, case closed.

Before the pet owners weigh in - you feed 'em, therefore they ‘love’ you.


First, nature is not “all-loving.” On the contrary, it is often ruthless and survival of the fittest is the name of the game out in the wild. Second, since the cognition of animals is on a lower level and combined with biological instinct, they are bound to engage in aggressive and violent behavior. So what is our excuse? We are also driven by aggressive instincts, but, hopefully, our superior intellect is capable of governing those instincts to a greater degree than the lower intellect of animals, although sometimes I wonder.


In what way is it a surprise that the BIOS (Body Independent Operating System) of higher animals includes the mating and fighting instinct? Wouldn’t genetic success require both?

The mystery is not that higher animals share some primal drives with human life; the mystery is rather that we ever consider living by those drives to be inadequate.



Her’s another video showing two males fighting nearly to the death because one of the men is a husband and his wife was being unfaithful to him with another male, which is the one he is fighting.


Why would etc etc


sorry…double post…


Things that are part of nature that would be horrible in human morality.
Rape. Quite common. Violence between mates including murder. Eating of ones own children. The rape of offspring… Etc.

This is where the " golly it occurs in nature" argument of people to defend things like homosexuality fall short.


As pointed out, animals respond to instinct. God doesn’t “command” them. Else, I would have to believe that God has commanded carpenter ants to try to eat my house, which I would prefer not to believe.


If you need a carpenter, call your aunt!

If you have a house with carpenter ants, it will need a carpenter.

Love it! The play upon words. Bugs are in a lot of ways real characters. I have often wondered why beetles die on their backs with their legs in the air. (Is it just beetles?)

Several years ago, my daughter and I went to the insect zoo in Phoenix. It has been closed for a while now, but when we went we took my grandson to see the bugs.

The woman who ran the place was a bug enthusiast; her husband brought her a large centipede from Vietnam, where he was during the war. She put this monster into a tank where she had a small bowl of water, various foods like crickets and corn. He knocked the corn into his drinking water, and it fermented. He drank the water and got roaring drunk!

He did not live long after that according to the insect museum owner.


Pragmatic pet owner here - when my animals start getting all lovey-dovey & want my attention, I tell them I know it’s just cupboard love. And sure enough, as soon as I feed them, they ignore me. :wink:


You must realize is that human nature isn’t penguin nature: your post sounds a little anthromorphic. Moral is relative, at least among different natures: what is good for a penguin is not what is necessarily good for a human* The way lions “love” gazelle seem to be by eating them. Love, properly speaking, only applies to rational beings such as humans and angels.

Does that help a little? I don’t want to make it sound like this little snippet exhaustively answers you question, but I at least wanted to give you a good lead in the right direction :slight_smile:

Christi pax.

*and the same applies to God: what is good for humans is not necessarily good for all of creation, nor for God, as the Divine Nature is not human nature. Remember that next time you contemplate the Argument from Evil and some of God’s actions in the Scriptures :wink:


If your point is that the natural world contains a great deal of death and suffering, then yes, that is so. But remember that this world is not Eden; it is broken, and won’t be fully restored until the end, when God’s will is done “on Earth, as it is in Heaven.”


animals have no morality.

They say here re feral cats that after two generations of being wild they are programmed to “feed and breed” .

My girl is now more affectionate but that is as I am loving her and providing for her

Our pets have the “morality” we “inflict” on them . Wrong word but I think you know what I mean .

With my cats it is far more than cupboard love; but if I accidentally leave food out, they eat it! ie they will come and purr and snuggle even when food is not around,

Once separated two cockerels that would have fought to the death ; even a bucket of water availed not; rampant sex.rivalry,

This is how God made them. Survival of the fittest. In the case of my cockerels.I intervened and made the older one a retirement apartment in the garden. In nature he would, being the weaker, have been dead.


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