If Atheists do not believe in the soul, then . .


If atheists do not believe in the soul, then what is the implication of this?

What is the purpose of life for atheists?

If humans have no souls, then are we just an animal that can be treated like a commodity?

If humans have no souls, then why was the Jewish holocaust wrong?

What is to prevent another holocaust or genocide if people believe humans do not have souls?



Why when I watched a film of an egg moving down the fallopian tube of a woman toward the uterus to be united with sperm, did I see in this the gift, beauty, and glory of God. And this despite the use of science, microscopy and all. When the writer of this link looks at the same thing he sees nothing more than meat changing form.

I read this article and the tone reminded me of the clever men who snidely asked Jesus who the woman married to five different brothers (due to an improbable series of deaths) would be married to in the resurrection. His answer did not address their cleverness but the truth of life; we are more than meat. There is an aspect of us beyond sense that sense cannot fully understand. Because of this aspect, love is more necessary than anything else for us to be happy, Beauty moves us more than lust if we can still recognize it, and when a human being dies, we don’t just leave the body to rot. True we argue endlessly about who we are, what we are doing here, and why life hurts however clever our arguments are that it shouldn’t and that all we need are the right drugs and tv shows to make the pain go away until we do. Try as we might to escape we seem always to wind up seeking the love of God or trying to prove he is a lie. If we were just meat, we wouldn’t care and the Shoah wouldn’t matter.As Dostoyesky said in Crime and Punishment, “Without God anything is permitted.” Eliminating God we are permitted to pretend we are god.

Unfortunately whenever we go very far down that road, there isn’t much beauty. love. or glory to be seen. Raskalnikov and his liberating murder of an old woman, Robespierre, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, Manson…

If I be just meat why should I care?


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