If babies make you smile, here's one that will have you smiling all day


Got the link of the CWNews web site. In case there are some of you who don’t frequent that page, here is a news story link that’s one of the loveliest pro-life testimonials I’ve seen in a long time! :smiley:




Wow, that’s really neat! That would be so cool having 4 preggo buddies!

I never thought it would happen, but my sister and I ended up being preggo buddies last year. It was really cool to share that kind of bond with her. Our babies were about 6 months apart. :thumbsup:


Oh neat! I’ve never had a preggo buddy. Maybe next time :slight_smile:


That was just too cool! I liked the fact that they acknowledged the still born baby as a part of the family. So many people wonder about whether to include their children who have passed away or not - as a mom of a baby in heaven I always answer 2 living children when asked how many I have, then if the person wants to know more they can ask me :).

Brenda V.


Yes! And I tell you all something else: the fact that God was mentioned and that a crucifix appeared in the background of a shot next to a photo of the five little cousins was tremendously moving and powerful for me, because that is NOT something that would ever make it onto the news here in Europe, I’m afraid. Those moms spoke so movingly and so naturally about God’s role in the birth of their little boys! That sort of testimony is so alien to most Europeans at this point … please, please, please pray for Europe, my friends!

God bless the Bease family and their generosity a billion times over!

P.S. I loved Grandma’s commentary too: what else are you gonna spend your money on!? :thumbsup:


I loved that the reporter mentioned that each Mom had several other children (3-6 each total, I think) and that they said they weren’t done having babies! Of course, the reporter was suprised by this, but hey, whatever. At least they acknowledged that some people don’t think 2 is the perfect number of kids.

I started to wish that my sister was pregnant right now too, but then I remember that we share a maternity wardrobe. I don’t want to give up my clothes. :slight_smile:



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