If Benedict XVI became a traditional pope like Pius X

What changes do you think he would make? I think all the modern altars would disappear. The churches would look entirely different.
There would be no liturgical dancers, no hand clapping, and the belief in the Real Presence would be wholly back and so would calling the Mass, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Alot of things would change.I believe it would all be for the better. Latin would be back in all parishes.The return of the cassock, and head coverings for women. It would be simply amazing. But it is wishful thinking on my part.

I also think that perhaps nuns would wear the full habit like they used to. sounds like a dream to me, and a dream that will never be realized again. I love the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The Latin Mass is very reverent, and so are some NO’s, but the TLM is truly beautiful. Its incredible to say the least.

What would you feel if Benedict XVI went to being a real traditional pope? would you disagree with him or would you accept it? how would you feel? Iam only curious. that is all. I think it would be wonderful. He is a very good pope and he has an enormous responsibility.He is the Vicar of Christ and if he became a real traditional pope like Pius X I think it would greatly benefit the church the world over.

Benedict is a traditional Pope! Read his books.

I got his back! :smiley: The thing you said about nuns in full habit, I heard thats actually coming back. I remember watching some news thing on youtube, and it said that the fastest growing religious orders for women are those that still are in habit, and the ones who dont are slowly dieing out. Those who enter seminary and religious life now a days, I heard are generally more conservative and more and more are embracing their catholic heritage and traditions! I’m one of those young people :smiley: Thank God for FSSP and the Institute

i actually meant if he was like pius x. and leo iii and pius ix. iam wondering though if he was like one of these popes, and rid the churches of the altars they have and brought back everything like it was before the NO came, how would it make people feel? i for one would be ecstatic!

There would still be some who didn’t believe in the Real Presence (although I don’t doubt understanding and belief in the doctrine would climb exponentially).

Remember the Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano happened because the priest himself didn’t believe in the Real Presence - and that millions during the Reformation were happy to ditch belief in the Real Presence - which suggests they didn’t really believe to start with in spite of the ‘traditionalism’ of the Popes.

One can hope that things would be back the way they were. i for one know alot of people who are young and would welcome it.

I would SO WELCOME no more clapping. It seems so irreverent to me. Others cannot understand my reluctance on this subject. Sorry. I cannot do anything different. I am certain my Mother is looking down from Heaven watching me and if I would dare to clap I would know she would be frowning!

i also think that people would appreciate the reverence the TLM if they’d only give it a try. there really an incredible interest in the TLM. whether some people are genuinely interested or only curious, i have no idea. but from what i see there is a huge growing interest in the TLM. when i went to the TLM for the first time, it was amazing. i then went back to my NO and couldn’t go back again to it after being at the TLM.

Things are drifting in that direction already,because of the younger,serious,traditional-minded Catholics. But the Pope cannot just bring back the old traditions all at once;that would cause further confusion,because the old traditions have become unfamiliar and remote to Catholics in the meantime. Few people can understand or have any desire to learn Latin. People have to be gradually weaned off of what they are used to,and be gradually weaned on to what is foreign to them.

i wouldn’t expect it to be all at once either. i was only wondering what it would be like if Benedict XVI was like the traditional popes. i think he is a very holy man, and a very excellent pope. i think he is trying to bring back some of the traditions we used to have despite the fact that there is alot of opposition to the motu proprio. He is doing it in small steps.I will continue to pray for the Holy Father, and hope that some day, be it by him or another pope, that the old traditions we had fully come back.

I think you are spot-on about this. The liberal minded Catholics who are disobedient to the teachings of the Church will contracept themselves into oblivion in one more generation, and the traditional catholics who are having 6,8,10+ children and teaching them to do the same will re-populate the Church with the faithful once more. I believe that in a century or two from now (if the Lord spares the world from His judgement for that long) children will be learning about our lifetime as another page of the tumultuous history of the Church. They may learn of the widespread disobedience and abandonment of the faith by many millions of Catholics, while a smaller minority stood firm and preserved the faith for future generations. The Mass will be back to it’s former reverence and glorious setting in a beautiful liturgy, held in beautiful churches. They might look at our time the same way we look at the reformation period, with a curious historical perspective. It is up to us to hold fast to the Faith for those who will not be born for another hundred years. It has been entrusted to us, and it is a sacred duty to keep it and pass it on.

I think the long road back to the old ways will be treated with care by the Holy Father, and he will replace the modern garbage with pure gold litlle by little, with wisdom and skill. Keep his intentions in your prayers!

Yes! I hope this is the beginning of liturgical revival or a wave of anti-modernism or something. I was somewhat dissappointed this Corpus Christi, when there was no real procession :frowning:

What would you feel if Benedict XVI went to being a real traditional pope? would you disagree with him or would you accept it?

As the Vicar of Christ, of course I would accept his teachings, for “he who hears you, hears Me.” Can you say the same concerning those teachings the pope(s) presently send forth, including Benedict XVI? I have the sense you are disillusioned and are prone to dismiss them under the leadership and loyalty to following Abp. LeFebvre.

Can we please clear up the fact that Pius XII was the Pope who initiated the great preparatory work that would flow into the conciliar Liturgical Reform. What Angelo Roncalli did as John XXIII was to give birth to Pius XII’s ideas and call the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council.

In that vein, all the popes from Pius XII have been the same as Pius XII in that they serve to implement the vision of the Council in full.

please do not presume i follow anyone. iam certainly NOT disillusioned at all. I stated and, I make myself clear, Benedict XVI is the Holy Father and he must be respected as such. He is the head of the Church and the Vicar of Christ. period. Just because I happen to like the ways of the old,. does not mean I follow someone blindly. your sense is incorrect.

Just because I happen to like the ways of the old,. does not mean I follow someone blindly. your sense is incorrect.

I believe this poster may have been correct, for you did give implications in another thread that you are affiliated with SSPX. :slight_smile:


I make myself clear, Benedict XVI is the Holy Father and he must be respected as such. He is the head of the Church and the Vicar of Christ. period.

Respected? but not followed? That’s all he is … the head of the Church? Period?

This thread is NOT about the SSPX submitting to Rome. It is about what if Benedict was a traditional pope like Pius X? It is not about me being in the SSPX. Do not derail the post please. Whether Iam a laity of the SSPX or not, the fact is, this post is about Benedict XVI not about the SSPX and their stance with Rome and the Supreme Pontiff. Does not the forum rules specifically state that your not to carry one post over to another?
Yes it does.

Iam not skirting the issue here either because this not about the SSPX. Many posts have been shut down because people bitterly argue and get in cat fights and derail the post. Please do not do that here. I will make myself clear one more time , Benedict is the Holy Father and he must be respected as such. Did I say he must not be submitted to? No. so please do not attempt to put words in my mouth. Thank you. Please keep the post about the post and please do not derail it.

If you want to discuss in another thread myself and affiliation with the SSPX then please make a post about it and I will gladly respond to you.

The most accurat book ever written on VII was* The Rhine Flows into the Tiber.* In this book Pope Benedict’s name appears several times. He was at the time of the council a young theologian.
Here is a quote from the book that may prove to be true

pg 285

"Father Ratzinger, the personal theologian of Cardinal Frings and former student os Father Rahmner , had seemed to give an almost unquestioning support to the view of his former teacher during the council. But as it was drawing to a close, he admitted that he disagreed in various points, and said he would begin to assert himself more after the Council was over"

As Pope he can begin to assert himself.

That is right, he can:) looks like he is:)

[quote=OP]What would you feel if Benedict XVI went to being a real traditional pope? would you disagree with him or would you accept it? how would you feel?

Ok, I answered that I would accept, but is the discussion to be a monologue? I haven’t seen your answer, other than to say he must be “respected.”

Would you accept his teachings if they did NOT give traditionalists all their desires? The thread is slanted to one side.

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