If both party candidates are pro-choice

How should a Catholic vote if both candidates are pro-choice, at least in some way. Say one candidate is pro-abortion, while the other may be pro on contraception, sterilization, morning after pill? Any thoughts?

there are two men, each holding a hammer and one of them is going to strike you in the foot but you have to choose which one to do it. One holds a 6 oz. hammer and the other has a 20 lb. sledge hammer…um…hit me with the 6 oz. please and make it quick!

Don’t ya just hate voting for the lesser of two evils? Holding your nose is perhaps the best answer. Or you can write someone in. Probably what i would do.

Do what Working Class America has being doing since the 90’s.
Don’t Vote
It’s like choosing between two evils.

Exactly. Write somebody in because voting for the lesser of two evils is, well, voting for evil, isn’t it?

There are 10 commandments.
If you are going to measure candidates by the 10, you would have a heart attack.
There were tentative in Europe to form a Christian Party, but that went bad.
It seems politics and religion do not mix well.
To Caesar what is Caesar’s to God what is God’s.

Maybe vote for the guy that you think will be the least effective at getting his pro-abortion policies implemented. His views don’t really matter if he can’t get anything done.

As Catholics, we are called to work for a more just society. One of the ways is voting for candidates who come closest to the ideal. If two competing candidates have the same position on a priority issue condemned by the church, we have to examine their positions on secondary issues because our vote will make no difference as far as the primary issue is concerned.

Like it or not, the American political system has evolved to a point today where only two parties have a viable opportunity to win a national election. Any political strategy that ignores this reality is nothing more than a flight of fancy. Be you liberal or conservative, voting for a third party candidate [or not voting] serves only one practical, immediate purpose, and that is to help elect someone even more antithetical to your beliefs.

“Why Vote For A Winner?”
By Phillip Ellis Jackson

Not voting is also avoiding your responsibility. I understand the problem most people have, and that is it takes a lot of research into the numerous candidates’ position on the issues … all for the sake of targeting a single vote that is meaningless on the margin. But I guess that’s that’s what we have to do.

One of the candidates would probobly be more open to life than the other. Voting for a candidate that supports some limited abortion restrictions will save lives over allowing a candidate completely opposed to life to win.

Think about it this way: If Adolf Hitler was running against Bill Clinton do you really think it would be evil to vote for Clinton?

You are of course free not to vote. But, the Church had rarely prohibited people from participating in the civic life of any nation. Saint Paul was proud to be a Roman Citizen despite the Empire’s horrible treatment of Christians.

personally I would not vote, or vote third party

its like this you have three options you either decide to let someone get shot in the gut and bleed to death, get shot in the head making the death quick, or doing what you can to stop it and if you can’t letting someone else make the choice.

I understand we should try and vote but the fact that they are both for killing of innocent lives makes it to where I could never vote for someone who is pro murder.

Its like if Hitler and Stalin where on the same ballot and they were the only choice could you actual vote for one of them knowing how horrible of people they are? We as citizens have every right to not vote in protest. I know there are a lot of people on here that say you must always vote but I don’t think that is the case.

I do not make deals with the devil. I do not strategize for the truth. I stand for the truth.

To reward a party for putting up a mediocre candidate is to continue to get ever more mediocre candiates from that party. They will then continue to pander to their Liberal base. I do not feed the squirrels.

The Liberals and Planned Parenthood are indeed unrelenting.

I too am unrelenting. I take no prsioners on this issue.

If this said strategy causes the 2nd Coming then* so*** be it!** I will no longer tolerate this slow death of a thousand knives of our Catholic values. I will end - to the best of my ability - this flinging of the babies into the maws of Planned Prenthood. Period.

Christ showed us the way with just Twelve. We should be able to do much, much better.

If suffering for the cause is to come-

Bring - ye - it!

If nobody voted for any candidates in this country then something would have to change. If you just vote for the least of all evils, then you’re still furthering the endless cycle of one bad president after another after another after another etc etc. The answer for nov 2012 STAY HOME!

That is NOT the answer. In 1966, Ronald Reagan ran for governor of CA against the Pat Brown political machine. Pat Brown was the CA equivalent of Massachusetts’ Kennedy dynasty. Well, he won. He lost the presidential primary to Ford in 1976. Thank heavens he didn’t stay home in 1980 but took on Jimmeh Carter.

Besides, if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain. I suggest you read Dr. Jackson’s “Why Vote For A Winner?” intellectualconservative.com/2007/12/10/why-vote-for-a-winner

Then I vote for the most anti-war and free market candidate. :slight_smile:

Staying home is not the answer methinks.

If there is no Pro Life Candidate - then write one in. If this happens enough it will be noted. Believe me - the Party will get the message when they see they are not getting elected.

**We simply can not reward a Party with our vote because the Party may be the lesser of two evils. look at where this kind of thinking has gotten us today.

I be Voting for Abby Johnson - perhaps - this year.

It depends on the election:

1.) If it is a Congressional election and both candidates are pro-choice, vote for the one whose party is pro-life on national level. You will be contributing towards the majority numbers in Congress, where all the power is.

2.) If is a Presidential election, I have no advice.

IMHO - I can not abide by the suggestion of the aforementioned post.

If is a Presidential election, I have no advice.

Following your way of thought, the candidates have different views, maybe. Suppose one accepts abortion up to 3 months and another up to 6 months. We may choose not the best but the lesser evil.
That’s me talking. I understand little of ~USA politc.

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