If Britain were a U.S. state, it would be the second-poorest, behind Alabama and before Mississippi


If Britain were to join the United States, it would be the second-poorest state, behind Alabama and ahead of Mississippi.

The ranking, determined by Fraser Nelson, an editor of The Spectator magazine, was made by dividing the gross domestic product of each state by its population, and it took into account purchasing power parity for cost of living. Several other European countries were also included in the ranking.



That’s very interesting.


Oh boy! Then I’d be living in Britain, because Britain would be NEW MEXICO! WHERE’S MY FREE HEALTH CARE, DAGNABBIT!:smiley:


:o whoops! I goofed. New Mexico is only 45 out of fifty. Sorry folks!


This is great. And I do think the British/Europeans love to beat up America about race, income inequality, etc. The American stereotype is alive and well all over Europe (of course we keep it pretty well fed too ;)). Maybe we over stereotype their demographic winter/socialist syndrome. But that’s the problem with stereotypes isn’t it- they’re true about 80% of the time.

Didn’t T.S. Eliot write the Wasteland in London?


Demographic winter is too recent to be a stereotype.

In any case, we only have demographic fall rather than winter because Mexico and now Central America are picking up the slack, but that won’t last.

There’s no percentage in picking on demographic winter.




There was recently an embarrassing moment in British-American relations when a member of the UK government had a cake made to recognize the 200th anniversary of the British Army burning the White House during the war of 1812. If they had just surrendered to their American cousins and President Madison instead, their descendants might be better off.:slight_smile:


Europe is not doing too good right now.


My goodness, the editor of a small political journal has discovered a truth that has evaded every other analyst.

Except . . . while I might, actually, support what appear to be his motives and come from a similar area of the political spectrum . . . he’s pulled a “and if you’ll believe this, you’ll believe anything.”

A decade or so ago, I came across somebody, probably a Freeper, making a similar argument and I was puzzled because I had a lot of close relatives in the US and I’d lived there and it just didn’t ring true - any more than arguments then current on the Internet about the poorest in the US being better off than the middle class in Europe.

So, I embarked on a personal investigation of lots and lots of official statistics only to discover that comparisons weren’t just a case of apples and oranges, they were the entire fruit section of an Orange County CA Albertsons.

Anybody can do it, of course, but I think you’d find that there’s a reason why revelations about international comparison statistics - crime is a wonderful quagmire as well - tend to be discovered by political enthusiasts and pretty soon die a death.


All that list proves for me is that it isn’t that difficult to find some metric to make one country look bad when compared to another. I can’t really take a list seriously that would suggest that the people of Alaska are better off than those in Norway.


I agree. I like Europe and think we should be more like them. A bit of socialism is not a sin. Extreme capitalism is


I don’t think anyone wants to be like Europe right now, considering how bad their economy is doing.

Also, the Church has condemned Socialism.


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