If Colorado is very liberal, then why is it a hotbed of Traditional Catholicism

I believe the cultures of the world have convinced the Catholics here to have forgotten that “Catholic” is a Nationality and to forget that you are sojourners in their states and lands where you today find yourselves.

It is those in the world AND of the world who are liberal or conservative and you Catholics are looking at them from outside their liberalism and conservatism - you don’t fit because you are NOT of the world (even though in the world to enlighten and preserve [salt] it and even though you find the sceneries beautiful).

You are traditional in your Catholicism, not Coloradans. You are citizens of the Kingdom established by Heaven, traveling in Colorado and in other states and in other lands.

Well, if God wants to give a sneak peek at heaven, Colorado will do!

What you actually said was " [quote=“Jbrady, post:26, topic:605286”]
It’s even more pronounced in Europe than in the US. In Europe, by far most Traditionalists strongly identify with far right and alt-right political nationalistic and xenophobic movements that many of their American counterparts would wince at. There isn’t much of the politically naive, “warm and fuzzy nostalgic” component of Traditionalism that you sometimes find in the States.

That is quite a statement to make. I trust you will now present the evidence to back this claim?

And you visit this theme again in this post, without providing a shred of evidence, despite being asked, to support your assertion more than 24 hours ago.

Wherever there is great darkness there is also great light. :wink:

This is the explanation.

In liberal areas, people of all kinds are free to form groups and proliferate. That freedom is what gives them a reputation for being liberal.

In more “conservative” areas, traditionalist groups will be stopped by whatever central authoritarian figure there is. Someone will say The bishop is opposed, or the person who could promote it is assigned other duties and sidetracked from setting up traditionalist organs.

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Why do some Catholics repudiate our American values? Wasn’t this thread posted instead?

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