If Contraception Is Immoral, What About Chewing Gum?

Since you’re getting the pleasure of food without any real nutrition? Please help me understand!

You are not defeating any purpose of your body by chewing gum, and you gain some benefit (fresher breath, cleaner teeth etc.). It just doesn’t contain any calories.

Contraception is more like the (stereotypical) Roman banquets where patrons would go out and vomit (allegedly) before returning to the table.


To compare contraception to chewing gum is a bad comparison.

Chewing gum is for pleasing your own palate where marital love is all giving. How is it all giving?..

For a marital act to be good it must be all three.

Contraception is intrinsically evil and always immoral. It takes a away 2, the procreative aspect. Abortifacent contraception can also cause an abortion.

Pleasure is not really the problem.

The problem is that contraception interferes a husband and wife from participating in the creative Power of God.

God is self-giving love. The love God the Father has for God the Son, and the love God the Son has for God the Father creates the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, God the Holy Spirit.

We are called to love like God loves. The love a husband and wife share with one another creates offspring. That love should be self-giving love, not selfish. Contraception is not self-giving love, it is selfish. It is selfish because when a couple (one one spouse) contracepts, they are essentially saying that we do not want the status quo to change yet we are unwilling to make a sacrifice to maintain the status quo.

IMHO, the problem with contraception is that it kills a life. What could have been a person, now cannot be. It’s kind of like like pre-abortion—however, not on the same level. But that’s just my opinion–it could be wrong technically.

Purpose of chewing gum is taste pleasure.

You are not doing anything to THWART that.

Purpose of marital embrace is two-fold. Unitive AND procreative.

Contraception by definition attempts to TWART part of the purpose.

This is not saying EVERY act of conjugal relations MUST ATTEMPT conception.

God bless.


chewing gum does not go against the body’s natural functions. your teeth are made to chew things, there’s no rule that you have to swallow everything that enters your mouth. that would be illogical

and I wouldn’t say it’s only purpose is for pleasure. you get better breath for example.

I agree. Gum chewing is disgusting and should be outlawed. I have no idea why the magisterium hasn’t established doctrine about this before.

Altho some contraception is abortifacient, the fact that abc prevents conception does not mean that it kills a life. You cannot kill a life that does not exist.

See the answers GEddie and Phil19034 gave.

Though not on the same level, I think artificial sweeteners are a better analogy.

Sweet foods have at least two natural ends. One is pleasure and the other is sustenance for the body. One could almost argue that eating such foods are ordered towards providing your body with energy (calories). In moderation sweet foods are fine, but in excess are bad.

Artificial sweeteners alter the act of eating by drastically altering the material components with intent to frustrate that ends of eating. It is disordered in a sense. Similar logic for Olestra or replacing flour with sawdust in baked items (a real practice).

Chewing gum doesn’t go against the natural function of teeth. Teeth were designed to chew, and chewing gum is the modern way of doing it. Some ancient civilizations would chew gum (that comes from a tree, not the sweetened stuff we use today), and I’ve heard that chewing leaves was also done.

In the case of contraception, sex was designed to unite a married couple and bring new life into the earth. Contraception deliberately prevents that.

Artificial sweeteners make the good they accompany more palatable. Their lack of inherent nutrition is of no consequence.

Then what are the natural ends of the sugars that occur in nature? Sure, taste is one, but energy is inextricably linked to natural sugars.

It is not wrong to reduce energy input in accord with one’s needs. And there might be other reasons to not partake in natural sugars.

Contraception in marriage is wrong because it rejects the totality and wholeness of the person by rejecting the reproductive capabilities of a person. Chewing gum doesn’t.

Sawdust in baked goods!!!

That’s **got **to be wrong! You’d destroy your body!

As to diet sugars, they may not be morally wrong (there are valid reasons for some to avoid sugar) but methinks they may imperil the body by gumming up cellular receptors for sugar, an important body fuel. You can’t fool your body and get away with it.


Okay, so, question: Is it ever permissible for a couple to engage in sexual intercourse purely for the sake of union/pleasure/enjoyment? Is this permissible when the wife is infertile, for example?

Assume you mean married couple? Is there another objective that you believe has been left out of the list?

Provided that this is a married couple, yes.

Open to life does not mean that conception is necessarily physically possible, just that nothing is being done to stop it.


Sex with contraception does not satisfy the full sexual desire, therefore is un-ordered, dis-ordered.
We husbands and wives know this, that we work in full passion in our union with each other (and the non-married, in whatever sexual activity, do also, imitating us).
However, there is something mysterious about this that the non-married, in whatever sexual activity, cannot attain in fulfillment.
The passion of the man is to give something, almost violently, to his wife. The passion of the woman is to receive or take in something, almost violently, from her husband. It is a treasure, kept and used.
In the aftermath, it was not the good feeling that is the satisfaction - it is the knowing. This is what makes us human - that we “know”, that we understand.
The words of satisfaction, whether verbally said or silent, are, “I did it, gave you this treasure,” and from the wife, “I took and received, I treasure and am using it,” as they lie side by side. And “We succeeded.” They “Know” together.

This cannot happen, this Knowing with One Another, when using contraception, nor in the imitation of sexual activity in any kind of other union or self-“satisfaction”.
Because the real satisfaction, the “knowing” is missing"
“I gave you a treasure, but now don’t keep it because I don’t want you to use it.”
“I received and took it but now I am destroying it, because it is no treasure to me.”
“I imagined giving/receiving it and imagined a willing counterpart, but now there is no imaginary love and I am here alone”

Apart from marriage there is no full and complete satisfaction, but sex is limited to a physical action with no human satisfaction in the mind, but instead the mind knowing that “now it is time to clean up the result, to flush it.”

Imitation seeks to find a type of satisfaction by governmental legislation, thinking that knowing it is approved by society will satisfy the need to ‘Know’ which haunts and taunts. But that legal knowing is generic, while the real human desire is to Know in this union that “You and I gave and received and treasure and keep our union in this moment and until we see him/her care for us in our old age as we lay dying before our LORD.”
A legalization cannot give this knowing. Contraception cannot give this love and knowing.

Chewing gum does not have this end Knowing of an accomplished act, but is perfect in the operation of chewing.

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