If Earth is the only inhabited planet, why is the universe so big?

Why did God make the universe so huge with probably millions of galaxies and clusters and Earth seems to barely take up any space comparing it to how huge the universe is? Why did God make the universe so much bigger than the space Earth takes up?

In answer to your title question, we don’t know whether Earth is the only inhabited planet. It is possible that science may someday determine that there is life elsewhere in the universe. Whether such life-forms have spiritual, rational souls subject to the need for salvation would be entirely different questions and may well be something that a Church council would have to determine should the need to answer such questions arise.

Assuming that Earth is the only inhabited planet, it is only possible to speculate on why God chose to create a massive universe and populate only a single small planet. Perhaps the differential in size between the universe and our own planet is meant to be a symbol of the differential between God himself and his creation, between the infinite and the finite. Perhaps there are other reasons, but we may never discern all of them this side of heaven.

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