IF ever there was a doubt..there is NO more!


I just wanted to share with all of you a beautiful experience I had today.

Yesterday I tried going to confession…but ds got so fussy and the lines were moving very slowly that I decided to leave. I could attend a different parish on Sunday that offers confession before every mass and it’s not far from my house.

So today we got up, got ready and left for 11:30 mass, I left early as I wanted to make sure I could go to confession before Mass started. I made my confession and finished just as Mass was starting, ds and I ended up sitting about 3 pews from the altar cause the confessional was right there. I just prayed that he would behave and keep quiet since we were to close to the altar.

Anyway, he did ok…he was quiet he just wouldn’t sit still. As we knelt for the consecration I told him to stand next to me with his little hands together like when we pray and he did. In the meantime I had my head bowed and eyes closed while the consecration was happening, then the bells started ringing. All of the sudden ds starts shaking my arm and whispering with excitement “mommy, mommy” I shooshed him and he kept insisting. I then asked him what he wanted, and said “look it, look it, it’s baby Fatima!”:eek: as he pointed directly above the alter as the consecration was going on. I said what…who do you see and he said with a huge smile on his face “right there, right there (pointing up and toward the altar) it’s baby Fatima!” then he would look straight up and then back down to altar like he was following something with his eyes. He then insisted that I stand up and pick him up, we were still kneeling of course so I couldn’t get up and he was getting upset and he would reach up as if he was trying to touch something but wasn’t high enough.

Then the bells rang again and he said “look it, look it…baby Fatima” and he looked directly above the altar and moved his head until he was looking directly above us and kept wanting me to lift him up. Can you believe that? I got very emotional and teary eyed, I hugged ds and quietly said an “I love you” to my little girl. If I ever had any doubt about the Mass being Heaven on earth it’s gone. I remember reading somewhere that during the consecration all the choirs of angels and saints come down and celebrate with us. I believed it and tried to imagine it, but without seeing it it’s a hard thing to do…I have no doubt that ds was able to see that and through him I have “seen” also.


Wow. Tears running down my face. Wow.




What about your testimony to what God has done in your life?


Wow! How awesome:)


I for one am taking this little guy’s word for it, thanks for this story, Lexee


Wow, Lexee. I am so in tears right now.


Crying over here. Lexee, you are so blessed in your children…


Lexee, this is such a beautiful story. What a blessing, and thank you for sharing it. I had heard and believed this about Mass, but your story is one I won’t forget.


I have no doubt. God bless you (He already did though, didn’t He?)


Wow, Lexee. That’s an amazing story! Sometimes I wish I was a child again - but then, I’m enjoying this stage of my life too. God sure is great, eh?


Heaven on earth!


I believe every word. I KNOW children can see more than we can. God gave you a wonderful blessing! :angel1:




Wow Lexee. That is awesome!!! What a beautiful story. :heaven:


that is a beautiful story–thanks for sharing!


Praise God, Alleluia!!


Praise Jesus. :bowdown:
Praise Him. Thank Him. Glorify Him. :harp:


Tearfully joyful at this story. Thank you for sharing. How beautiful. Thank you.



Thanks for sharing Lexee, that was very cool…


That was…heart wrenchingly beautiful.

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