If Evolution is true, does this atheist have a Point?

Taken from an Atheist’s Webpage. I qoute .

‘‘God, who is eternal, omniscient and omnipresent, caused the big bang. He/she then waited around for 10 billion years before creating the earth, waited for another billion years before creating the first primitive, self replicating organisms knowing that in another 3.5 billion years mankind would emerge through evolution from fish, reptiles and mammals to worship him/her.
Then a few thousand years ago he/she inspired some ignorant desert dwellers in the middle east to write down his/her word so we could understand him/her. Unfortunately as well as writing about god’s perfect and everlasting love for all of mankind they managed to include a lot stuff about slavery, infanticide, genocide, rape, murder, animal sacrifice, blood rights, eternal torture in hell fire and zombies’’.


Does he have a point if evolution is true? Please discuss…

No. The truth or not of evolution has no effect on either the contents of the Bible or on the nature of the Christian God.

If evolution is true then some interpretations of the Bible, such as the YEC interpretation, are shown to be incorrect interpretations. Given that the Catholic Church currently allows, but does not mandate, the YEC interpretation then it might move towards discouraging the YEC interpretation in a few hundred years time - the Catholic Church can on occasions be a little slow to react.


I don’t get it…I just…I just really don’t get it! How can there be Catholics on this forum that believe science and faith are opponents, or who believe evolution is against the Faith, or who believe evolution is the cause of atheism, the Holocaust, and every other evil thing in the world? I mean, these Catholics really that ignorant? I don’t have half the brains that everyone else has and even I know that faith and science come from God, and that you may believe in evolution because it dosen’t contradict the Faith, and that saying evolution is the cause of evil is a fallacy, because you could replace “evolution” with religion, politics, or something else and it still wouldn’t make sense!

Perhaps you’d be so good as to give us a link to this page? If links are beyond you, perhaps the name of the particular atheist might be possible.

Okay, this is my take on evolution, which I believe in. God did all that over billions and billions of years. Then, he takes hundreds of millions of years to take a single cell up through muluticellular organisms up to mammals up to us. Everything He created, planets, stars, solar systems, rocks, minerals, plants, and animals, was ultimately put here for us… even if they are a million light years away and we can only observe them as a point of light.

God loves us very much if He spent all that time just for us, don’t you think? And to top it all off, instead of forcing us to be good, he lets us do what we want, including kill His only begotten Son. And to put icing on the cake, after He let us do that, we are still able to be with Him in Heaven.

That’s one awsome God! :thumbsup: :smiley:

First the bible does not give any exact detail on the creation of the world and life. Time is not absolute to God, the bible states one day is like a thousand year to God ( 2Pe 3:8 )so yes God can wait 10 billion years, it’s only a wink of an eye for God. Yes God has perfect and everlasting love, so much love that god permitted The Most Horrific act of violence to be committed to an innocent and that innocence’s is Christ on the cross. God does not neither permit nor wish any evil or misdeed upon us, not any more than our fathers do. All evil is not of God, it’s the result of free will, free will is that which make us who we are, remember without free will, we’ll no better off than a rock.

God is eternal. The notion that He sits around waiting, as if time is the same for Him as it is for us, is wrong.

This is why, too, the argument that God couldn’t have created us through evolution because it took to long, fails. Creationists seem to believe that God couldn’t have known how evolution would turn out, because, well, because it didn’t happen yet.

But how do you apply the idea of yet or of waiting to an eternal God?

To a God that is eternal–not that was, is, and will be, but is–what does “yet” have to do with anything? :slight_smile:

When you realize that God is eternal, what objection can you have to creating through evolution. It takes us “time” to create things. But God is eternal. Doesn’t this mean that God is, rather than was, is, and will be? Doesn’t this mean that the idea that He couldn’t know what would happen over billions of years is wrong?

I think that atheist is just finding fault where there is none.

Please kindly provide a link to the website please.

I think he has a point to some degree.

Right on! This is my argument over and over. It is not evil to explore God’s creation and formulate explanations. Evolution is one attempt at an explanation of God’s design.

Where the evil occurs is not in God’s creation or in our trying to explain it, but in man’s manipulation of what he finds. The idea of “natural selection” turns into “man’s selection”…It is evil to decide to use the things we learn to advance our own supremacy over all, denying God his proper place in our lives.

Saying that Evolution is the cause of evil, is like saying that Birth is the cause of abortion.

If it were true yes, but Evolution is a lie imho. I know I could never be Catholic because most don’t believe how God did it but would rather believe secular science

Well, again, perhaps you could give us the link or the name of the atheist - you wouldn’t want us to think that it was an apocryphal atheist now, would you?

Relax …Its from my friends youtube page. Im not going to give a bunch of strangers his account.


You get all your copy and paste stuff from there then?

Whats the point in knowing his webpage? And why would I copy and paste all my stuff as you put it if everything I believe contradicts an atheists worldview?

Im sorry but your making little sense now. Maybe you need to step away from the computer for alittle while dear.

You need to read the rules about citation.

By the way, after a decade and a half of internet discussion, provocation is wasted on me.

Not opponents, just not always complimentary and in some ways contradictory. Would the soul which is judged by God on the Last Day for every human being transfer to a potential future evolved species like it did not from the lower animals that evolved into modern humans? The Church holds the soul is not derived from nature and is not endowed on any other creature. If Judgement Day does not come for another hundred million years humans I would assume under the current understanding of the theory humans would continue to evolove into another species as different from us today as we are from Neanderthals.

The bodily resurrection of humans only, the real flesh in the Eucharist, the sanctity of human life we are taught to have and the mastery/dominion of all other creatures on the Earth make humanity less significant in my mind if we could evolve into something non-human but a highe/otherr being than we are currently.

This was simply brilliant, thank you Ver.

Roman Catholicism, like every other denomination suffers from having within its confines people who are fundamentalist in outlook. They are folks who psychologically need a certain certainty in life, and a literalism in the bible is necessary to their peace of mind. Otherwise they can’t be sure, and that makes them uncomfortable. They are not subject to logic because the need for certainty and having a book with all the answers is too essential to them. There is no point arguing with them frankly. It is not a matter of logic or evidence, since we all agree that there is a monumental amount of evidence on the subject. They can’t believe it, period. They get wrapped up into fear that God is somehow testing humanity, and only those who remain steadfast in denying the evidence of the senses will be saved. I long ago stopped trying to explain to such people, because they aren’t susceptible to common sense or any other kind of sense. The bible must be exactly right as written or their world falls apart. They have become idolators of a book which they call God. Very few seem to escape it, unless somehow they become willing to be intellectually honest and actually pursue the facts.

The RCC could help a lot by making a clear statement instead of making their views implicit. Other churches may well be also guilty of the same thing. Certainly in Protestantism, the more baptist type churches suffer this stuff to an increasing degree. Frankly until I came here, I thought that kind of backwards thinking was confined to them rather exclusively. It was shocking to find actual Roman Catholics believing in YEC.

I believe most mainline Protestant denominations actively state that evolution and faith are happily co-existant. They are not generally believers in literalism.

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