If Father John Corapi were suddenly appointed to be your parish's pastor

What would happen as a result? What short-term or long-term changes would you expect? Would the people embrace him or rise up in revolt?

My husband would convert to Catholicism immediately! He loves Fr. Corapi!

Seriously, though, I think it would go over well. We have lots of “closet” traditionalists in our parish, and no one is really liberal in their views of Catholicism or liturgy. I think it would be welcomed and accepted well.

That would be wonderful! (And my husband would probably convert immediately too!) In my parish, there would be a lot of happy people!

I love the man! His charisma is certainly invigorating, but unfortunately I don’t think my parish would share my sympathies. If he were to become my parish priest, I would expect the numerous liturgical abuses to be remedied. I’d have to tell him to make sure he come with his own chalice. It seems my parish must not own one as the precious blood is served in a wine glass!!!

The youth might return. They love a challenge. Confessions would be such a novelty for a while, we don’t have them (the present incumbent once said, “I’m not interested in your sins.”). The elderly and to be honest most parishioners would be delighted and relieved to have him. There’d be no doubt then that the parish was truly Catholic.

On the downside (financially);), we would have to dig deep to extend our small church

Based on the official directives of the Church, is the wine glass acceptable as a chalice?

Based on the directions of the local bishop and the official teaching of the Church, is the pastor allowed to not have confession or refuse to hear your confessions?

what would change? not much. our current pastor is probably the best preacher in the diocese and pulls no punches but his delivery is more balanced and he is not as abrasive as Fr. Corapi. Many people come here for the preaching. Since we can count on a reverent liturgy conducted according to the rubrics no change is needed there either. No way however is this parish going to pay for Fr. Corapi’s bodyguards and entourage.

I would hope they embrace him. He is my favorite priest. We need more priests who tell it like it is. My brother who went to confession for the first time in 20 years told me where he went there was him and only one other person. That’s just not right. I would hope word gets out about him and the pews would be full. I love hearing him speak.

According to this:


The chalice is supposed to be of gold or silver. Pewter is allowed during times of poverty. I live in San Francisco. Our state might be broke, but we are far from poor. There’s no reason for us to receive the precious blood in a mere wine glass.

Most of the parishioners, who probably never heard of Father Corapi, would probably be amazed that Sean Connery had been ordained.

I would be the happiest man in the world. Nothing like a good cleaning of the closet. I am in tears just thinking how much needs to change in our parish.

…I would accept the punishment but not gracefully.:stuck_out_tongue: Everytime I hear him speak, I feel I’m being subjected to a con job - all show and no substance. Never understood his attraction. Oddly enough, I felt the same way about EWTN’s Fr Francis Stone.


BTW, as good as Father Corapi is, many people in the parish would be sad - our priest is fantastic! Many,many people have joined our little parish since he came,including young people, large families that homeschool, lay Oblates and 3rd Order Carmelites. :thumbsup:

Actually, to me he looks and sounds like Patrick Stewart (from Star Trek: The Next Generation). I have seen him on EWTN, and while he does sound a bit gruff, as somebody else said he tells it like it is.

I would do back handsprings and squeal with delight! The rest of my parish community would be fleeing in horror as most of them are so progressive that it’s sickening. Sometimes it’s as if they feel that the laity are of the fourth member of the trinity and that coffee hour is the eighth sacrament. I’d seriously consider chaining the doors shut so they’d have to literally be a captive audience. Muahahahaha.

ps: Fr. Corapi is the Jesse Ventura of priests and I mean that in a good way.

wouldn’t be much different from our current, AWESOME pastor

I would llooovvee to have him as my pastor, but not at the expense of my current pastor, I love my current pastor he is a grat preacher, he has such reverence for the liturgy and the Blessed Sacrament, and he is a good personal friend, but if he where leaving anyway and nothing could be done, then Fr. Corapi should be his replacement.

We need MORE priests and also Bishops with the faith and charisma like Ft John Corapi , the church for so long has had very few of them , and has suffered due to that fact. I know I would try to get to mass daily if he was in my area as a parish priest. We need to pray that God will send us more priests like him to revitalize the church and wake up its members .

The parish wouldn’t last long. As good as Fr. Corapi is and I longed to here a man like Fr. Corapi, the parish would not listen to him as the don’t listen to the priest we have now.

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