If getting a conditional baptism, am i considered a candidate?

If i’m receiving a conditional baptism, am i considered a candidate or a catehumen?

If i would be considered a candidate and going to recieve a conditional baptism, can i still go to confession?

There doesn’t appear to be a direct answer to this question but we can surmise the answer from the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. The section of the Rite that deals with conditional baptism (#480) is in the section for the Reception of Baptized Christians and not in the section on initiation. Therefore such an individual would appear to be considered a candidate and not a catechumen.

As for when confession is to take place, it would appear that it should take place soon after the conditional baptism. Given that valid baptism is necessary for valid confession, if there is reasonable enough doubt that the baptism validly happened then there would be reasonable enough doubt that the confession would be valid. However given that there is a slight chance that there was a valid baptism and given the importance of having one’s sins forgiven, confession would still take place after the conditional baptism to ensure that all sins have truly been forgiven.

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