If God exists, why do so many people doubt?


Not that hard for you. Why should I worship a God that gives us a sex drive he’ll send is to hell if we use outside marriage?


Yes, they could have. Do you have any evidence of a lie? Is there any record of a lie? Is there any reason to believe the claim of a lie?

So, a couple of thoughts…

  • The issue is whether, at the time of the writing of the Gospel accounts, people colluded and wrote down lies. There are two problems with this assertion:
    • First, you have to presume that all four Evangelists – writing at different times and to different audiences – colluded to present a falsehood.
    • Second, you have to presume that early Christians – who had been hearing these stories for 40 years – either didn’t catch the sudden change in the stories (:roll_eyes: ), or that they were in on the lie.
  • Or, you could claim that, at the very beginning – that is, from the time the Church ‘officially’ got its start on Pentecost – the lies were introduced. Again, there are two problems:
    • You would have to presume that all eleven Apostles were in on it.
    • And, you have to presume that all eyewitnesses were in on the lie.

You can see the problems with your assertion, can’t you? That’s one whopper of a conspiracy theory! There’s not enough aluminum at the grocery store to build a tinfoil hat that big. :wink:

(Moreover, for your claim to hold, you have one more problem… and it’s a real doozy: you have to address the fact that not one apostle, evangelist, or eyewitness recanted on their claims of Jesus’ words, deeds, claim to divinity, or resurrection. This would have been precisely the thing that the early Christians’ adversaries would have shouted from the parapets. And. They. Didn’t.)

So… for your claim “they could have lied” to have even a smidgen of a chance of plausibility, you’d need to posit:

  • the biggest cover-up in the history of the world
  • by groups of people separated by distance and time
  • in the face of persecution by both religious and secular authorities
  • and with a complete lack of defection and whistleblowing.

Now… can you make that claim?

If not… then your assertion “they could have lied” really doesn’t have legs to stand on. :man_shrugging:


Wow. Just wow. Impressed by the numbers.:star_struck:

Pause to consider that not one, walking the earth today, will be alive in a hundred or so years from now. :hourglass:


My explanation is that many people are blind to the evidence of God’s existence and God’s love. The evidence is there, but it is easy to overlooked it, or someone might see it but not understand. I think it has a lot to do with upbringing. Children brought up in a loving family can more easily love others, believe there is a God who loves them, and love God in return. Today many children grow up without enough love and without faith or hope. It is more difficult, but not impossible, for them to grow in faith, hope, and love.


Then there’s no chance Islam is fake because that would imply it’s a huge coverup. Your theory applies to every single religion. We don’t even know how some of the apostles ended their days, how do you know none of them recanted?

Burden of proof is on the one making the claim that it IS reliable testimony


And I also just had this thought:

Statistics show that in fact the majority DO believe and ARE convinced. So this statement fails right outta the gate.

As I posted above, only a small minority doubt the existence of a Deity.


God does not create homosexuals. God creates people. Same sex attraction is an affliction that happens, along with a great many other things, because our fallen nature has screwed up the world. Homosexual activity, like heterosexual activity, is a thing people choose to do or not do.
If John Doe commits (heterosexual) adultery, that is not God’s fault for making him heterosexual. If Jim Smith commits homosexual sex, that’s not God’s fault either.


Even if you’re gay and don’t actually ever have sex with a person of the same sex, why on earth would He give a person sexual attraction for the same sex. Is it a joke? Is he laughing His face off watching us suffer through temptation? Why do something so sadistic?


I don’t believe it is. Where in Scripture did Jesus say homosexuals are going to hell?


I doubt anyone can answer that question. Why are some babies born with a hole in the heart? With a cleft lip or cleft palate? Spina bifida? Epilepsy? Why do some children suffer from homelessness and hunger or grow up in a war zone? After six years in school majoring in theology, I just don’t know. We are supposed to trust in God and know this is part of his plan for our lives, but it’s hard.


I think that most people’s disbelief in God is usually attributable to one of the following:

  1. It’s more convenient to not believe in God be it for social acceptance or political beliefs
  2. They’re afraid of being held accountable for their sins
  3. They are angry at God/hold a grudge over a tragedy such as a family member dying of cancer
  4. They are genuinely skeptical of God
  5. They have never been exposed to the faith
  6. They just don’t care
  7. They believe religion is evil
  8. They are genuinely stupid


Being attracted to someone of the same sex is no more a “choice” than being attracted to someone of the opposite sex. Transgenderism is not a “choice,” either. Do some research, please. Scientists have found that men’s and women’s brains react very differently. A man who wishes to transition to a woman displays the brain signals of a woman rather than those of a man, and vice versa. Rather than damning these people - and gays and lesbians and bisexuals - we should have sympathy for their inner turmoil and love them. There is nothing wrong with them. That is just the way God made them. And, just so you know, I am a woman who is totally heterosexual. I’m not speaking from experience, though I know transgender, gay, lesbian, and bisexual people. I meet them in my charity work.

Yes, sure, it’s due, in part, to our fallen nature, but why certain people? That’s the question that can’t be answered.


I really wish I could help you more, make you believe. I know that desperate feeling, trying to understand what God is doing and for what reason.

But I can’t. You know, I watched a really thought provoking video today from none other than Will Smith. It was on his Facebook story (didn’t know that existed until today). And he went on this entire spiel about how nobody can make you happy. You can make someone smile, you can make them laugh, you can make them cry. But you can’t make them happy. That is your own journey.

Same goes for our journey to find God. It’s a life long journey. You won’t have the answers right away, but I do believe that God manages to provide them with His grace in due time. It happened with me.

I have also heard that God gives each individual the grace of conversion. It is dependent on us whether we take it or not.

I suggest taking some time to research this for yourself, to delve into religious books and possibly go on some retreats. I think it will help you.

God bless.


Belief is not something that our Creator forces on us. We have to choose to believe, and, in this world, it is the only choice that makes sense. At least it offers hope, whereas atheism offers nothing, except, perhaps, a feeling of being smarter than those who choose religion. It is strange that so many go for a dead end philosophy just to enjoy a feeling of superiority.

As far as “evidence” goes, we have irrefutable evidence for not only Jesus existence, but also for his death and resurrection. And that evidence is His miraculous image that He left for us on His burial cloth.
Notice how our Creator has presented this evidence to the modern world in such a way that it can be easily dismissed by those who have chosen to reject Him.


The Resurrection is not a lie. If it were a lie, the Resurrection stories of the Gospels would match. They don’t. Also, the Apostles would never have had women be the first witnesses to the Resurrection, and Mary Magdalene is the first witness in all the stories. The testimony of women in first century Jewish culture was worthless. Also, if it were a lie, the Romans would have wasted no time in producing Jesus’ dead body. Why would the apostles lie about the Resurrection and put themselves in the same situation as Jesus had been in? They were afraid.

The Resurrection is not a myth. Myths take time to develop. Years and years. The Resurrection was believed as soon as it happened. Witness the changed behavior of the apostles. They were in hiding, afraid that they, too, might be crucified for having been associated with Jesus. Yet after the Resurrection, their behavior did a 180. They went boldly about, preaching the Gospel. What else but the actual Resurrection of Jesus could have caused that change in behavior and the alleviation of the fear of death? One person might lie and face death, but ten? More? No.

The Resurrection is not a lie. If it had been a lie, again, the Romans would have wasted no time in producing Jesus’ dead body. And, they wouldn’t have even needn’t to do so. No one in Jerusalem would have believed them for even one hour while Jesus’ body lay in the tomb. Even Jewish writing admit the tomb was empty, and they were hostile witnesses, who did not want to believe in the Resurrection. No one “stole” the body. There was a guard posted at the entrance.

The Resurrection was not a hallucination. People do hallucinate, but they do not all hallucinate exactly the same thing. Even things that are taken as real are seen differently. Not everyone saw the sun “dance” at Fatima. Some were able to look at it without squinting, others could not. Some saw nothing out of the ordinary. All the apostles saw the Risen Christ, and they saw him in the same manner. They also saw him eat and drink. Hallucination? No.

The only thing left is truth. Jesus did rise from the dead. He was glorified. The only person who could have accomplished that is God, the Father.


One way I see it, you can do one of two things:

  1. Reject Faith and/or God and walk away.

  2. Accept God, even though you have very little Faith, but hang on anyways, and ask God to increase that little bit of Faith you do have. (if He exists) And also accept that you don’t understand x, y, and z, but you’re going to go with it anyways, and concede there might be some sense to it afterall, even though you’re not seeing it.

Either way can be difficult, but I think #! really does kind of “suck” to be exceedingly vernacular. It takes you to a place that is dark and unhappy in many ways. And the consolations you get in this path tend to be very short lived and not that satisfying.

I remember one saint saying that we all have to carry a cross in this life, one can carry either the cross of Christ or the cross of Satan.

You might find it more helpful to speak to others here on the forum who live with SSA in their life as Catholics.

I know of one, but he hasn’t showed up yet on this thread.


Atheism also gives people license to act in any way they choose “because this life is all we have,” or so they believe.


The romans could not even have identified Christians so soon after the death of Jesus, they just thought they were Jews, which to all practical effects they were except that they believed in Jesus.

In any case why am I even doubting? Why doesn’t God tell me straight up? And the question is STILL the same: why bother with all that suffering instead of creating a world with no sin? No matter what angle you look at it from, it makes no sense


It’s not part of any if the protestant perspectives of which I know. “I am that I am” and it’s variants have been interpreted as a name if God, as a dismissal of the question preceding it, and has other interpretations. Beyond taking it as an assertion that God exists someone that isn’t already familiar with the Catholic meaning may need some additional support to understand the Catholic meaning whether or not they agree with it.


…because we can’t see the stars anymore.

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