If God exists, why do so many people doubt?


I would love to go for a hike, but it’s dark outside and I have to wake up in 5 hours for my Saturday morning bright-and-early Sunday Scripture study group…

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It is pretty mind-blowing isn’t it.

I myself am still being quite amazed and dumbfounded how I just got here in the first place, much less as how I started as a single cell. :thinking:


My point is that yes, you know with certainty that Jesus claimed to be God. I agree that you know that.

However, Muslims will deny that Jesus claimed to be God or that He was God although they will admit that Jesus was a great prophet.

I don’t think that Muslims believe that Jesus was crucified. In fact, according to the Koran Surah 4:157, they specifically deny the crucifixion. Islam is that fastest growing religion today and close to the largest in numbers.


Yeah, considering that we are made of dirt, water, and air – literally so, as even atheists agree – life is pretty awesome! Give thanks and praise to God!


So you think you are the only one who has ever experienced emptiness, loneliness, abandonment, loss of meaning, desolation, etc.? Welcome to the human realm of being. The fact that you experience such things isn’t what makes you distinctive, it is how you deal with experiencing those feelings that will.

I would suggest watching this talk. Start at the 4:30 mark to skip intros, but you may want to focus on the second rule for life starting just after 16:00.


I think every human experiences those things. They haven’t always made me a better person.


People who want proof or evidence of God in order to believe, do not understand that God lives outside of time, space and the material world, and therefore, we can never have scientific evidence/proof that God exists. Only a philosophical approach can explain the metaphysical. You should check out Trent Horn’s books, articles or videos on answering atheism.


No I do not think I am the only one, hence why I have talked about homosexuality, the Holocaust and many types of evil that are not our fault.

I could the prince of a palace of Arabia in all its splendor, the question is still the same. Why all the complication and cruelty that God shows us, because He is ultimately responsible. He’s an absentee landlord of epic proportions


God does not give people same sex attraction. This happens because our world is messed up. It’s messed up because of sin. God did not create sin, nor did He make us prone to sin. That’s on us as a species.


Agreed. Same sex attraction is not a choice.

What we do is a choice. Being heterosexual, I am still required to refrain from adultery. I am still required not to have more than one sexual partner at a time. And if circumstances prevent me from marrying I am required to practice celibacy. I do not get to commit adultery and blame God for making me a heterosexual male who desires sexual pleasure. The choice to act or not is mine, and so is the responsibility for my choice.

Same sex attraction is not a choice, and having it is not a sin. But the choice to act or not is mine, and so is the responsibility.


Not good enough

This discussion is going around in circles

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@Curious11: Agreed. So am I.


Why not? Why is that answer unacceptable?


Maybe not, but they have always challenged you to be a better person at a point when you most likely didn’t want to be. How you responded would be at the crux of when they did make you a better person.


Yes, I agree with your entire post.


Most of the time, yes, they do make people better and stronger. However, what’s so difficult is when they wear a person down so much that he or she turns to suicide or lashes out at others as lone wolf shooters often do (and I don’t want to derail the topic to shooters, it was just an example).

I don’t doubt for one second that God exists, but his ways are so difficult to understand when innocent children live homeless and hungry in war-torn lands, for example. The easy answer is it’s due to the Fall. Sure, I can accept that, but these little kids who live with bombs going off in their community every day had nothing to do with the Fall.

So many people just don’t care what happens to others as long as it doesn’t happen to them. That’s selfish and wrong.


The claim by @Curious11 is that God is just like those “so many people.” Jesus is proof that God isn’t like those people at all. He does care because he went through it at our hands. He didn’t, however, stop us from doing it to him. He doesn’t stop us from doing it to others. And he doesn’t stop us from doing it to ourselves.

So the question of why God doesn’t fix everything boils down to where our personal responsibility begins and ends. It appears @Curious11 wants God to simply remove all personal responsibility and merely fix all the circumstances within which he lives.

God will, however, live in and through us if we permit him. That is precisely what @Curious11 doesn’t want. That is clear from his current bone to pick with God, and from the fact that he wants God to fix all of the outer circumstances in the way he wants them fixed, but does not want God to fix the inner ones. Giving up one’s old “self” and cherished ways is not always easy. CS Lewis described it well in Man or Rabbit? The transformation requires having our old rabbit ways peeled off which makes the rabbit part of us squeal and whinge.

The heart of the issue is that God works in an eternal framework, but we prefer a more comfortable local and parochial one. We are Hobbits with preferences grounded in food and feelings. God has his sights set higher for us.


I agree with you, you are right.


Not so fast. Neither the evidence nor the rational arguments permit that conclusion.

And you purport yourself to be one who is big on evidence and argument.


God does not willingly afflict the children of men.

Such things are a result of our fallen nature and sin.

But what is man, mortal man, and who is he to complain about the punishment for his sins? The living should rather complain about their sins!

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