If God exists, why do so many people doubt?


-Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe
(awesome facts about it) http://mtncatholic.com/2014/12/11/4-literally-awesome-facts-about-our-lady-of-guadalupe/
(What Our Lady saw that day) https://zenit.org/articles/science-stunned-by-virgin-of-guadalupe-s-eyes/
-Eucharistic Miracles http://www.therealpresence.org/eucharst/mir/english_pdf/Trani.pdf
-Healing miracles http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/the-miracles-that-made-mother-teresa
-Going outside in nature on the nicest day of the year
-The fact that we exist and can feel things
-demonic possession
-Our Lady of Fatima, where the sun danced in front of thousands
-The entire life of St. Padre Pio and St. Gemma and St. Teresa of Avila
-The stigmata
-Love (had to)
-saints who have special knowledges that can’t be explained
-Veronica’s Veil
-the blood of St. Januarius, a martyr, which liquifies on special days of the year including his feast day http://www.miraclesofthechurch.com/2010/10/blood-miracle-of-st-januarius-gennaro.html?m=1
-the way prayer changes people
-Museum of the Holy Souls in Purgatory located in Italy
-probably more I can’t think of right now


I’m pretty sure there’s an alternate explanation for each of them, just like there is for any supposed sighting of the Loch Ness Monster. And some of them are just not relevant (for lack of a better word)


I don’t think you truly want to believe. I am in agreement with some of the others. I think you have a self identity problem, especially if you reduce love down to a simple brain chemical. Especially since our brain and brains of animals in general are naturally and actively trying to preserve their life, then why with humans do we sacrifice our lives for the lives of others out of love if it’s just a chemical? That has no evolutionary advantage whatsoever because that effectively takes us out of the gene propagation game.


As I already said, these don’t matter for the conversation we’re having. The original argument was (to paraphrase), “Many doubt, so God doesn’t exist”, wasn’t it? Evidence is another discussion entirely.


Oh really?

Of all the research I have done on these things, I have never come up with an explanation that seemed credible. Most who don’t believe simply say, “some things can’t be explained”. Of course they’re going to say that.

One thing I know for sure is that you could never explain away someone’s entire life. There are so many saints giving testimony to the Truth of God. You could say they’re crazy, but even that isn’t a good explanation for St. Padre Pio’s stigmata, or the bilocation, or his supernatural knowledge, or his perfume that would show up inexplicably, or the levitation, and the many other amazing things that made up his life.

The miracles I listed are miracles that have not really been given an explanation because an explanation can’t be given. That’s what makes them miracles.


That chemical made us fall in love and have sex with the opposite sex to have children and then fight for their survival. The children survived, grew up and had kids of their own. If we didn’t love our children enough to protect them and just left them behind they’d be eaten by sabre-tooths.

And you better believe I have self-identity issues. I’m a troubled young man and a sinner, I fail to see why that proves love transcends this reality


Not good enough. Proof of levitation? Proof stigmata weren’t faked? Padre Pio wore gloves, for all I know he didn’t feel like faking them every day and wore gloves to hide it.

I cannot explain away someone’s life, what I can do is deny without evidence what others affirm without evidence


It is anecdotal evidence, the levitation. It’s like having a witness on the stand, but a lot more witnesses.

St. Padre Pio’s stigmata was investigated thoroughly by secular scientists and they could not come up with a conclusive reason for it. You really should research before speculating. I have an entire book on investigating St. Padre Pio, perhaps you should read it.

You can deny because no evidence will ever prove indefinitely that God exists. That is why faith exists.


And why is that? Clearly it’s because God doesn’t want to. He’s all-powerful, He could make us believe more easily than I could crush a lousy ant, but for some reason He sits by, watching and polishing the doors of hell so that the next sinner doesn’t have to bear with a dirty door to his new eternal home


Well, when Adam and Eve were created God was present in their lives. What should we take from that? What were they doing that was different?

They were sinless.

“Why did God leave, why did He make Himself invisible for us to struggle down below?” You might ask. The reason I would give is because of the sin that catapulted this world into a place of hate. When we sin, it’s not simply “going against God’s law” it is also saying to God, “I don’t want to love you, God.” It is turning our backs on God. So what did God do in response to that? He did what we asked Him to do. He became invisible.

This is why I use the saints as an example. Because they decided to not turn their backs on God, because they made the decision to reach holiness, His presence became more noticeable.

This life is so incredibly short. That’s why we should use it well, and strive for Jesus so that He is not so lonely anymore.


Okay that touched my heart, believe it or not.

But it still begs the question: why on EARTH would God, who says He loves me so much, make me pay for a sin my ancestors committed? Why would He even give Adam the chance to deny Him?! It’s crazy! Why would He deprive us of His perfection, why didn’t He create us full of love for Him? It wouldn’t violate free will anymore than not seeing through opaque walls deprives us of free will. And for the love of almighty Lord, why is there a Hell?!? He allows it to exist. Turn my back on Him, no, if anything He turned His back on me. For all I know my beloved deceased family members could be crying out in Hell right now. And that’s a God of love? That’s a God of infinite mercy?!?

It seems extremely disturbing to call that God good


Brother, my heart goes out to you and you will be in my prayers. With all due respect, and I mean that sincerely, you seem to be trying your best to find reasons not to believe, rather than hoping or looking for reasons TO believe. Our God is gentle, he will not force himself on anyone who is not looking for him, he will not push a door open and enter without first being invited in. I hope you are able to move yourself to be open, because some things are worth believing in. Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things that a man needs to believe in the most: that people are basically good; that honor, courage, and virtue mean everything; that power and money, money and power mean nothing; that good always triumphs over evil; and I want you to remember this, that love, true love, never dies… No matter if they’re true or not, a man should believe in those things because those are the things worth believing in.

Try “believing” first rather than rejecting first and God will walk through the door you have left open. Good, love, honor, courage, virtue, are all of God, and surely you can start by believing in them. Only doing so will lead you to understand what IS true. Life is so much better that way, trust me on this - I hope you can - because you need to decide: “who do you trust”. Without trust, life is so much . . . .less.


Deaconjeff, I have been a believer for at least 5 years now. It’s starting to reach a point where enough is enough. I cannot force myself to believe against what my reason (which GOD gave me!!!) tells me. I’m sorry, but the road I’m traveling on, i can’t assure you I’ll come out of it with God. There’s too much pain in the world, too much that doesn’t make sense, too much complication and absurdity, too much indifference and lack of care on God’s part. Too much!


God could have created us without our flawed nature, but He knew that more good would have come out of it if we were born with it.

Think of it, think of all the saints who suffered in love. Jesus, too! Jesus suffered the most cruel death. But the evil that was present around Him, the sufferings He endured, made possible our salvation.

The sufferings we endure in this life help build out homes in heaven. (I don’t mean that literally, unless there’s something I don’t know about :wink: Sufferings are like little golden flowers delivered up to Jesus, He loves them so much. If only we knew the value.

As for Hell, I always look back on this passage from Father Schouppe’s book The Dogma of Hell.

A woman was meditating on the justice of God. She couldn’t reconcile the immeasurable severity with the Divine goodness. “Lord,” she said, “I submit to Thy judgments, but do not push the rigors of Thy justice too far.”

“Do you understand,” was the answer, “what sin is? To sin is to say, God, I will not serve Thee! I despise Thy law! I laugh at Thy threats!” “I understand, Lord, that sin is an outrage to Thy Majesty.”
“Well, measure, if you can, the greatness of this outrage.” “Lord this outrage is infinite, since it attacks infinite Majesty.” “Must it not, then, be punished by an infinite chastisement? Now, as the punishment could not be infinite in its intensity, justice demands that it be so at least in its duration. Accordingly, it is the divine justice that wills the eternity of the pains.”


I commend you for your efforts, because an unexamined faith is not one worth having, but I think you are looking only on one side of the coin. Yes there is confusion, complication, absurdity, indifference and pain. Undeniable, and I won’t tell you I can explain it, and if anyone tells you they can, you should be suspicious of them. BUT, there is also so much good, beauty, virtue, generosity, love, caring, reason, fellowship, and self sacrifice, that abounds in the world that can’t simply be overlooked. I have found that those good things are found in most abundance (although admittedly not exclusively) in people of faith and in their communities. It is also there that I find people who are truly happy, and I believe that is really all any of us are really seeking. I hope you can find this in your faith journey too. God Bless you and I hope you don’t despair.


Why is rape bad? Why is murder or torture bad?

What are you using as a measuring stick to judge evil? If there is no absolute good then there can not be absolute evil. This would imply that evil and the fruits of evil are subjective and open to interpretation. But we know mass murder is most definitely not ok, because it is evil. Why is it evil? Because it has been measured against the pure example of absolute good. Therefore there has to be some sort of absolute good outside of humanity in which we can make this judgement. Therefore there has to be the existence of an entity outside of creation.

If all of this was due to random chance then there would be no sense of morality. Animals do not have morality, yet people do. Why?


Emily, why did God decide scenario A is better than scenario B:

A) create 2 humans, and tempt them with a tree that for some reasons exists and is at arm’s length but if they eat they’re gonna wish they hadn’t been born. Then I’ll ban them from eating pork and shrimp until I come down there and sacrifice myself to myself so they don’t have to follow that random law I created in the first place. Oh, and if they don’t believe in my sacrifice they’ll also wish they’d never been born.

B) I’ll create a world with no concept of sin, why make my life and my children’s life tough for no reason other than what looks suspiciously like sadistic pleasure?

And that’s the Catholic version. John Calvin said that God creates some humans for the sole purpose of eternal punishment.


Whoops, too late


Animals protect and defend their children. They don’t have morality like we do because they haven’t evolved brains like we do.

Our concept of good and bad is relative and differs from culture to culture. In general we consider good what makes us survive and thrive as a species


I used to wonder the very same things. Then I came to realize that I was having problems with God because he wasn’t doing things the way I would do them. Suddenly I realized that I thought I could do a better job than God, and that realization brought me back to the most fundamental teachings of our Judeo/Christian culture: that God is God and I am not, that compared to God I am infinitesimally small, and that maybe, just maybe, I didn’t have all the information that God did. I decided (and yes it was an affirmative act of will) to stop trying to second guess God, to stop trying to outreason the way things were, and to just accept them and to do the best I could based on what seemed to be working for those who were apparently living happy, loving, fulfilling lives. I found those were people who tried to do their best to just live according to the precepts of our faith, accepting the mystery, recognizing that God was WAY bigger then them, and not trying to figure out how to be a better god than God.

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