If God inspired a Book, could He also inspire works of art?

Question for Catholics and Non-Catholics:
If He did, how would we know?

Sacred art is just another way of depicting revelation. As I’m sure you know, Christian art (Catholic art) sustained millions of illiterate people throughout the centuries by painting or sculpting the truth, rather than writing it. So how do we know? Does the art depict the truth of the Gospel or does it not? If it has been approved by the Church, we can be sure that it does.

One can even use the process of Lectio Divina with sacred art, just as one does with sacred Scripture. Its an awesome thing to do.

I do have to say that I just saw a statue of Mary holding the child Jesus which was given to one of our RCIA candidates. Both Mary and the child Jesus had blonde (yellow actually) hair. It just made me squirm a little but I managed to keep my mouth shut. There is a lot of very poor, cheap “art” out there as well. I think we can tell the difference when we see it.

Just listen to Bach once. :wink:


That’s why I chose the word ‘art’, which includes music, sculpture, painting.

I’m also trying to get to 5000 posts.

How about animation: *Davey and Goliath *

Now that’s inspired!! :smiley:


Is the fact that it was a LUTHERAN cartoon coloring your opinion?:smiley:

Oh, and ah…
POST 5000



Oh, and ah…
POST 5000



I LOVED that show.

The local station had it on EARLY Sunday morning when I was a kid. I think it was syndicated, not a network show.

I grew up in Chicago, so we had everything…LOL

But yes, it was on early on Sunday mornings for us too.

Yes, I think God can inspire works of art, without a doubt. Michaelangelo’s “Pieta”, almost the entire opus of Bach, Handel’s “Messiah”…these artists’ works consistently stir something out of the ordinary in people. Who else but the Holy Spirit could inspire such work?

This afternoon I was at a Lutheran church for a concert. The music was very good, accompanied by a properly deep rumbling pipe organ and a piano, but adding immeasurably to the devotional aspect of the music was a huge, beautifully-colored and well-executed Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood-inspired or Tiffany-esque stained glass window behind the altar of Christ as the Good Shepherd.

Compare the art of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, when belief was very high, to today’s art.

That should answer your question. :smiley:

Read the story of our lady of guadalupe. god doesn’t just inspire a painting, he creates one. The same goes for the miraculous medal.
As a catholic artist, god inspires me every day. But in little, subtle ways. So yes, god does inspire art.

:rose:Our lady of guadalupe, pray for us​:rose:

Absolutely agree! I went to art school with a man who is now wealthy and paints nudes wrapped in barbed wire and such. Those of us who paint spiritual matters tend to work in retail and restaurants… c’est la vie.

 A  lot of those illiterate people who had to look at stain glass windows and art where illiterate becuase the gospal was in latin. Latin is the language of the upper class. 

It was also the only language that mathematics was taught in, amongst european countries at the time. To keep the poor ignorant.
Its in the “History of pi” written by a jewish Hungarian mathematician.

In response to another thread here on CAF, I had opportunity to look up Andrei Rublev’s Trinity icon, and was speechless - it’s the Word in pictures. The longer you look, the more there is to see.

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