If God intended sex to be only for procreation why did he make it pleasurable?

Didn’t he know that people would use it outside of its intent? Why didn’t God just make us reproduce without sex or something like that? Don’t get me wrong its great that sex is fun, and i’m sure it will be awesome when i’m married, but why didn’t he just make us able to reproduce without it?

How do you know sex is fun, if you are waiting to get married to try it out?

As with other important things (like eating) pleasure is part of such. So one aspect is to give incentive towards that which is needful for us personally and as a species…(more could be said – whole works of theology have been written)

And the marital act is not “only for procreation”

  1. What are the goods of conjugal love to which sexuality is ordered?


The goods of conjugal love, which for those who are baptized is sanctified by the sacrament of Matrimony, are unity, fidelity, indissolubility, and an openness to the procreation of life.

  1. What is the meaning of the conjugal act?


The conjugal act has a twofold meaning: unitive (the mutual self-giving of the spouses) and procreative (an openness to the transmission of life). No one may break the inseparable connection which God has established between these two meanings of the conjugal act by excluding one or the other of them.


Why should God have to make sex humdrum?

How else to get the world population to over 7 billion people!

Well, the answer is that your original assumption is wrong, sex is not only for procreation, but procreation is a very important aspect of it. :shrug:

God doesn’t do boring or mechanical in creation. “The Heavens announce the glory of God” – and when turned towards God, so does sexuality.

Because procreation is how human beings most completely participation in the original act of Creation itself, it is filled with that exultation, “When the morning stars sang together”. Just as the chief fallen angel retains all his intellect and can appear as an angel of light, so fallen sexuality retains all that was naturally invested in it, but becomes, when it becomes, without grace, only erotic indulgence in physical pleasure and one of the chief means by which we are lured to Hell.

It does seem a little flawed. If it wasn’t pleasurable, then people would only do it for the sake of reproduction (or, at least, they’d be prepared to keep it within marriage).

God doesn't want obedient primates who have no appreciation nor joy nor free will, but children who through love & wisdom grow in union with Him and with each other, especially in the unique bond of marriage. It would be a cowardly selfish divinity, such as atheists regularly assume we believe in, who would eliminate possibilities for sin by reducing procreation to something which is less than what animals in heat have.

In case you haven’t noticed, there are people who are willing to keep sex within marriage, generally speaking it is those whose view of sexuality is similar to that of the Church. Pleasurable sex does not equal a desire for extra-marital sex. :rolleyes:

Genesis 3:16: To the woman he said, “I will greatly multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children, yet your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.”

The eyewitness testimony of millions? :shrug:

It creates a healthy environment for children because of what is shared in the martial act.

If God intended food only to physically sustain us, why did he make pizza and chocolate taste so good?

As with the sex question, and as others have mentioned, the premise of the question is wrong. While the objective purpose of sex is for procreation, and the objective purpose of food is nourishment to sustain us, God loves us and wants us to experience pleasure.

Another question would be, why didn’t God make junk food taste bad and extra-marital sex nauseating? For one, it’s not like there aren’t bad effects from eating junk food or engaging in extra-marital sex – being fat and unhealthy, emotional heartbreak, uncertainty, etc., are not exactly pleasurable. Before the Fall, our spirit ruled over our physical senses so that we would only seek their pleasure in legitimate ways. Or more likely, we didn’t seek physical pleasures at all, but received them anyway when doing God’s will. Perhaps God allows us to still experience some degree of pleasure from sinful activities so that we can see how inferior such pleasures are when we experience them in conformity with his will and as he intended. Our goal, with the help of God’s grace, is to once again be rightly ordered, where we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all else will be given to us as well.


Sexual desire is like a slavery for many within our society.

If it wasn’t desirable, people wouldn’t do it.

That’s funny to see someone respond in the opposite.

Men and Women were made to attract. Marriage was made to create family.

Pure practicality. If sex was not pleasurable, if there was not a strong drive for it, nobody would go to the bother, and the population would very soon be 0.
If you will remember your history, even with mankind breeding willy-nilly there have been some rather nasty die offs.

Well yeah, and if we had no arms we wouldn’t be able to punch each other. But why remove a good entirely because some people will misuse it?

Especially given that if we had no arms, we’d just spend more time kicking each other. So to speak.

John Chrysostom the great Church Father of the East had written of the two reasons why God ordained marriage was first to bring two people together who are called into marriage and second for the procreation of children. Of these two the Saint says the first one is the priority one. The Saint goes on to say that your spouse if you are called into marriage is already preordained by God for you to meet. This is why the Holy Spirit said in Genesis for a man to leave his father and mother to cleave to his wife. It is the understanding from this Saint that the marriage relationship will be much greater than the one he is enjoying with his family. One leads to the other meaning your relationship within your family is preparing you for the deeper relationship you will have in marriage.

However the problem the Saint goes on saying is people do not wait for their spouse. In many cases people go into marriage too early and often choose a spouse that is not chosen for them by God. The Saint however believes if someone who has faith in Church and remains faithful all their life will have this opportunity to meet with God’s chosen. Marriage since it is raised to the dignity of a Sacrament should never be treated lightly. However the Saint has said many do treat it lightly. And because of their attitude towards it do not often choose spouses that would make for a holy marriage.

The problem says the Saint is one of intention. If you are loyal to God who should be your first spouse you will meet the spouse He wants you to meet. However if you are not loyal to God then it is here where the troubles begin. Sex finds its true fulfillment when two people are really in love with each other, not by this physical attraction, but through a more spiritual attraction. When two people are meant for each other the Holy Spirit in both peoples light up signifying God’s choice. Sex says the Saint is a great gift God gave to two people who honor it. Sex however can be a torment to those who dishonor it. It’s up to you how you honor your own body says the Saint. When it (sex) is contained within a holy marriage it is considered much like a sacrament. This should remind us how we need to safeguard it.

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