If God is calling you to religious life, will He do everything to push you to that way?

I never thought of entering a Monastery, and walking religious path before, until starting from last year (after I heard Mary’s voice). Every time when I was hurt and sad, I heard God is calling me to Him. I regard the religious life to be my last option, because I want marriage more. So, even the priest suggested me to find a monastery and try the life in monastery for a short period, I still have not.

But while my past failed relationships and wounds keep coming, I found that God alone can comfort me and I keep hearing His calling when I am hurt. I feel that I should have a TRY on the life in monastery.

The question is that, I know generally the one who is called by God is “Attracted” to the religious life. However, will God use the method in sending more suffering to someone in her daily life, work, relationships and many aspects, in order to “Push” her to religious life? Or maybe it is just my Escape?

Thanks for comment. :o

Only you can decide these things, listening to God alone with Him in quietude and prayer… I think you already know this! Blessings and peace

I don’t know if God is calling you or not. I can say that entering religious life is not an optimal method for healing brokeness. It will probably act as a pressure cooker to exacerbate whatever it is that needs to be healed. If you have regular broken relationships, find ways to heal that which is causing this to happen. The difficulty in relationships is a reflection of the wounded ness within you.

That said, God uses a lot of broken people who have worked through their brokeness to help heal others who are still broken. Go find some to help you, then go help others.

Good luck on your journey.

No God does not push… He pulls - He “draws” - - but he never pushes.


A spiritual director is priceless when it comes to helping you in discerning your vocation. Try to find one. It is easier said than done, but try as hard as possible to get one. My prayers are with you.

Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance, direction, strength, fortitude & wisdom in your time of need.

If you really heard the voice of Our Lady, that is extremely rare, and would be a priceless gift to you.

You will find real peace in doing God’s Will for your life, not in doing your own will.

Correct me, please, if I have misinterpreted your words but it sounds like you feel God has directed you to relationships, jobs, life experiences, etc., that fail or cause hurt in order to push you into religious life. If I have understood you correctly my answer is absolutely not. Many people find solace in life when there is trouble by imagining themselves in another life that provides a different path, an escape as you stated, and that is what I feel you might be experiencing. Pursuing a vocation to a religious life has a path of discernment and you will need some guidance along the way. I will pray for you to find that guidance and that you will be able to follow God’s plan for your life.

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