If God is good and loves the baby, then why would He take them away from us?

A friend is concerned about her unborn baby’s health and the possibility of miscarriage. They are wrestling with the question: “If God is good and loves the baby, then why does he take them away from us sometimes?” Why can babies die in the womb if God is loving?

Thanks for the help!


Since God is the author of human life, He has the right to call us to Himself whenever He chooses. For Him to call us home is not a bad or cruel thing for Him to do. We tend to think of the death of a loved one as a bad thing because we will miss the person. But that will only be for a short time compared to eternity. Being called home to Him is really a good thing! And He alone knows what the best time for us to call us is.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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