If God is Love, why . . .?


If God is Love, why would He apparently be about to send such a punishment on us that three quarters of the world population is going to disappear ?


He isn’t going to. Stop listening to superstition and sensationalism.


For once I fully agree. Kindly focus on the present, not a future that we cannot see.


I doubt this scenario but even if this were going to be the case, the likelihood is that this punishment is actually the only way in which those who die would have a chance to accept God and not reject Him.

Think about it. Suddenly realizing you’re going to die is going to ‘concentrate your mind’ rather wonderfully. All your rationalizations of the evils you have done will disappear and you will see, clearly, the evil, and be sorry and repent, while you have the chance.

Whereas if you (as is the case so often today) just go along blithely ‘safe and secure’ your life long and then die in a nursing home where all the staff and your own family, in order to ‘keep your mind at ease’, never tell you how close you are to death, you are likely to die still blindly convinced that you were right. By the time you see the truth, at your judgment, you will indeed see clearly. . .but you won’t repent because you’re still so egotistically focused on your own self that you would rather accept your ‘free will’ and your ‘choice’ than to humbly repent and submit to God.


Dear Benedict

We bring these things upon ourselves I’m afraid. If there is such a punishment. People get confused about what love is. I make a vain attempt in one of my blogs if anyones interested. I think the whole problem is that we don’t get even close ro understanding or appreciating how evil and despicable sin is, and is in the eyes of God. Every bad thing in humanity id because of sin- the lot.

God is reality. We are just figments of his imagination. If we want to understand anything we must try and see it through Gods eyes. We certainly shall do this as much as possible in heaven. I think the best thing is blind trust in God and persevere no matter what and once we’re in heaven we’ll understand everything and see how infinitely merciful and good God has been to us and just how much he helped us and how we brought all evil upon ourselves and deserved infinitely more and worse punishments.

God bless and peace to you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


If God is Love, why would He apparently be about to send such a punishment on us that three quarters of the world population is going to disappear ?

What on earth are you talking about?


To be merciful to the 1/4 that are left of course.:rolleyes:


Like most people it’s been a question on my mind too. It’s a stumbling block for millions I think. This is very sad because I’ve gotten to know God a little and he is all goodness, love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, kindness and the like to me. How can you reconcile that natural disasters, wars, crimes etc happen to people and especially good people. I’ve done some thinking and don’t know if it’s right. I’m simply trying to explain a major stumbling block for believers and unbelievers. I’m trying to do this because there is clearly something wrong with many people’s perception and understanding of God. We really must just trust God when we don’t understand something. Here is my theory.
I am not a greeny or environmentalist but I do love the environment. God created this natural world for us and we can use it as we wish but if we abuse it it’s to our detriment. God created a perfect world. When he created our world he looked and saw that it was good we read in genesis. And so it was and is. God created man and saw that he was good too.
When we mess with nature there are consequences. We hear about it every day. We are meant to live in harmony with nature. It’s not a sin not too but we suffer if we don’t. There is an equilibrium in nature that is very finely balanced by God. This balance was set during the creation.
We are a part of this natural world and are meant to live naturally too. This means we’re supposed to obey Gods law – the natural law. We affect the equilibrium with our behavior. The equilibrium was set at creation and God cannot change it. Why should he. He made a perfect world and perfect man and woman. All was fine and man and nature were in perfect harmony in the beginning.
But man sinned and this upset the equilibrium. It was the serpent that deceived man and continues to do so today and until the end of time. The serpent knew he would cause this terrible imbalance and throw the equilibrium off track. The serpent works very hard to keep our world and us imbalanced and out of harmony with each other because he can wreak havoc with us and our world like this.
When we sin we throw the balance out further and automatically bring punishments on ourselves. God does not always do this, nor does he desire this. God is all goodness and love. I’ve often heard people talk about Gods infinite mercy and infinite justice and wondered how they blend. It’s occurred to me that infinite justice is not always bad or means punishment. Justice can mean a reward too. It can be good. But the point being that God created our world and us and saw we were good and perfect and set up laws to govern everything and if we throw things out of balance by going against those laws then punishments can come. God can punish countries, cities, people etc if he wants because God can do anything he likes but I’m speaking of something different here.
What did Cain say after he slew Abel and God asked where Abel was? “ Am I my brother’s keeper?” This angered God because we are our brother’s keeper. The human race is in this together. We all have to do our part to try and keep the equilibrium in balance. This is why our Lady of Fatima asked us to offer prayers and sacrifices for world peace, the conversion of sinners and to atone for sins against Her Immaculate Heart. We have to try and make up for our brothers who are failing. What did the apostle John say in old age when asked the most important thing to do’” Little children, love one another. “ Is that not the perfect fulfillment of the law that would remedy every evil in our world if all would listen and practice it? Yes, it is. But because many aren’t we receive punishments. Not always from God but automatically and it’s our own fault for being unnatural. We’re all in this together.
It appears that since the 1960’s we have seen too much sin and we need to do prayer and penance like our Lady of Fatima asked. Either the mystical body of Christ reigns or the mystical body of satan will. The latter is winning now and the antichrist which is the demonic influence working through people has grown way too strong. It may be too late to stop it this time but we must try. The elect must do prayer and penance. It does matter and will only benefit us and the whole of humanity.
So get out your rosary beads and make a few little sacrifices each day. If we do our bit that’s all that’s asked.
God bless and peace to you all:thumbsup::slight_smile:

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