If God knows all things, why did he put Abraham to the test?

If God knows all things, why did he put Abraham to the test? | The New Theological Movement

Because Abraham did not know all things…

For the same reason that we “test” our children when we know theyll get it right. Its for their benefit!

Out of His Grace for our benefit.

In Him,


And like the loving Father He is, He taught Abraham what He already knew, and what Abraham had to figure out- his faith extended even to the life of his own beloved son; oh the parallels of patriarchy, doth my heart swoon for such a God who tests me and instructs- a Father.

And lucky us, we have a whole slew of Saintly older brothers and sisters which can guide us and intercede, a loving Mother, etc.

It’s almost like the entire narrative of the Church is… perfect. :smiley:

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Good thinking… http://gbielin.info/g.gif

So that mankind could follow Abraham’s example.

God also knew that millions upon millions upon millions of Jews and Christians would be influenced by the story of Abraham.

I love all these answers


Free will.

The Abraham Story regarding puting his son to death -if I am given to understand correctly - was what is known as a ‘Pre- figuration’ . What is hinted at in the Old Testament is revealed in the New Testament. The Jews for centuries could meditate on this event (in conjunction with numerous other events of the Old Testament- like the Ark of the Covenant) of Abraham’s life. So that they (the Jews - and by extension us) could recognize when the messiah has come (Jesus.) Was Abraham asked to give up his son? Did not our heavenly Father give up his son?

Scripture is wonderful to give us this event. One can see the agony of Abraham. How did our Heavenly Father feel to give up His Son? Yet give up His Son He did. For us.

God. You just gottta love Him. Yes? :heart:

The analogy is clear methinks.


=fms;9039027]If God knows all things, why did he put Abraham to the test? | The New Theological Movement

Because it is the very same test God gives to all of His Created Humanity.

Isa.43 Verses 7and 21: “every one who is called by my name,** whom I created for my glory,** whom I formed and made." AND the people whom I formed for myself that they might declare my praise.”

Every human person; like God Himself, has a mind, intellect and freewill. THESE ARE SPIRITUAL GIFTS that permit us to emulate our God. They are given to us; along with SUFFICIENT grace to enable every human person to KNOW GOD!:slight_smile:

Then the TEST: Do WE FREELY choose to Know, Love and serve God as did Abraham; or to we OPT to ignore the offer and hate God?

God makes it possible for us to decide:eek:

That friends is Love;)

God Bless,

Just aside:

Boy, the story of Abraham is one of the most amazing stories of the Bible.
He believed that, though old, he would have a child.
And he obeyed to God making a sacrifice of his own only child.
Boy, that is tough.
And He went through, not understanding at all the stupidity of it all.
He believed always and obeyed always though he never understood.
As he forgot and emptied himself of his own intelligence, God filled the vacuum with the Wisdom and Intelligence of God.
So, we are His sons and 3000 later, we are talking about him.

Had he believed his own intelligence, History would be totally different…

God is merciful and just;

God revealed to all the angels in an instant of time the revelation of creation, this test to angels caused Lucifer and his angels to fall in pride.

God tested Adam’s free will and love by placing the forbidden fruit in the garden.

God tested Noah’s faith to build an Ark in the woods where no body of water existed?

God tested Abraham’s faith in sacrificing his own son.

God tested Moses and his peoples faith in the desert.

God tested David heart.

God even subjected His own Son “Jesus Christ” to the test of obedience, humbled in his humanity lower than the angels.

The Short answer to the OP’s question of Why did God do all this? “LOVE”, when Love is revealed, manifested and living.

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