If "God so loved the world..."

that He gave His Only Son, and we are to worship, honor, or praise Him for that, correct? Can a Protestant tell me why the Blessed Virgin Mary is any different in that vein? Perhaps, much like Abraham, who we admire for loving God so much that he was willing to give up his only son; we should also honor Mary, for she gave her Son just as surely as either God or Abraham did.
I’ve read in someone’s signature that Abraham did for love of God what God did for love of man. Indeed, it seems to me, that Mary did for the love of both, God and man.

While I wouldn’t compare her to God (not saying you did), I think what the Blessed Virgin did a fair comparison to Abraham. Loving and trusting our God. What 2 great examples set by them for us, as to how we should act as people of God.


You’re right, the BVM cannot be compared to God. I think there is more than one point to be considered. I mean, God deserves our worship and praise, etc. because He is the Supreme Being, He made us out of love, etc. Also, while He did send His “Son”, we know that Son is a word used to help in our understanding, is it not? I mean, it was really God Himself, incarnate.
My point, as I said in the OP, is that I think the Catholic position on Mary might be considered in this light, in addition to the other reasons for her favor.
Her only Son (heck, even if a person maintains the Protestant position and Jesus was “a” Son vs. the only Son) she gave for the life of the world. Even if she “gave” Him kinda for lack of a choice. She oughta get a whole lotta praise for that

Some of us believe she was ever-virgin. While she certainly had a choice, I agree she deserves great admiration for her role. She is truly a great role model for Christians.


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