If God's Existence were a Proven Fact

Would people (including myself as I am a terrible sinner in need of God’s mercy) continue to sin?

I mean if it were known to ALL HUMANS for a fact that God (and heaven and hell) indeed exist, would some people still choose to do the terrible things that they do?

We know for a fact that the Earth is round and vaccines work. Don’t flat-earthers and anti-vaxxers still exist? For some, denying reality is just a force of habit.


It IS a proven fact. You exist, don’t you? Some people think the earth is flat, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I dare say that if one is to say God’s existence remains unproven, that person is not only making a false statement, but an absurd one.


There are other things to consider in addition to the “proven fact” that G-d exists, things such as how we interpret what is sinful and what is not, whether we can atone for sins and how we atone for sins, what G-d commands us to do and not to do, and so on. Further, the proven fact of G-d’s existence would not necessarily include the existence of heaven or hell, so these two dimensions or states of mind would also have to be proven. Finally, even if we know all of the above to be true, people have a tendency to deny so-called facts or just not pay much attention to them.


Of course they would.

The Israelis knew God existed, the time it took Moses to climb and descend mount Sinai with the 10 commandments they had turned to worshiping the golden calf already.

For a Catholic it would…


I know, and since the sub-forum is Catholic Living, as well as this being a Catholic Forum, I suppose we can assume the OP is referring to G-d’s existence as well as heaven and hell within a Catholic framework. I, however, was extending the topic to include other possibilities beyond the acknowledgment of G-d’s existence.


Satan knows it better than we do-and continues having hope for the worst. We fool ourselves into believing what we want, what we prefer to believe.

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Well, it IS a proven fact.

Thou, @meltzerboy2, are broad minded beyond reasonable :slight_smile:

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I appreciate your kind words.

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Of course I believe God’s existence is a proven fact, but there are many who don’t for various reasons.

I guess I meant more in a sense of if EVERYONE could see for themselves what the children were shown by Our Lady of Fatima or St. Faustina’s visions of heaven…would humans still sin or would that be enough to persuade us?

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Excellent, mind-boggling point…

I was but I would welcome a discussion from people of other faiths and different perspectives as well.

I don’t know much about the Jewish beliefs on the afterlife but would love to discuss what they are and are not.

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Adam and Eve knew for a fact that He exists, but that didn’t stop them from committing the first sin.


True, but were they (and the Israelites as well for that matter) aware of the possibility of hell as we are?

Yes since its a known fact that laws and prisons exist, yet people continue to break the law


I’m absolutely convicted, in both the intellectual and spiritual realms, yet continue to sin. You might look up the definition of “concupiscence.”


Thanks for the tip…I’m right there with ya. :grimacing:

Our original parents had a very intimate, personal relationship with God yet they chose to reject Him.

Reading the books of Maccabees (particularly 2 Maccabees 7:14), it would seem so.

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