If God's Existence were a Proven Fact

Don’t flatter yourself, hehe :slight_smile:

Didn’t Judas still sin after walking with the Son of God and performing miracles?
Didn’t Jesus say even if the dead came back they would not believe?
Nothing should surprise us.


Good points all around.

I’ll pose a different question if anyone is interested (not necessarily directed at you Dan but feel free to answer):

How would the world be different if God’s existence could not be disputed? For example, even atheists would be forced to admit He exists.

Would there be less crime, less sin, less war, etc.?

We are created with free will. Blessed are those who believe without seeing.


According to the Bible, yes. Adam and Eve (and their kids) knew God exists, yet they still sinned big time.

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Heck, even with the death penalty, people still break/broke laws that were punishable by death.


The angels knew of God’s existence for certain. Nonetheless multitudes chose to worship Satan… I’d say yes. Not to mention that the ability to do God’s will is itself from God in the first place.

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For a significant part of history atheism would have yielded you a prison sentence or a death sentence. (Meaning the existence of God could not be publicly disputed). There are still countries today where you’d suffer persecution for apostasy.

But that didn’t make them God fearing, only weary of the secular arm.

So humanity sinned all the same…

If you read the Apocalypse apparently there will be a time where all will happily follow religion, with only a remnant following Jesus Christ.

I tend to forget those because I mostly read the bible by the order of the books…So I’m reminded of the mount Sinai episode first…

The Catechism states knowledge of God’s existence is both a GIFT and a MYSTERY.

God reveals the truth of his existence to some, but not to all. Some receive the GIFT of faith.

Why only some? God is SOVEREIGN. He can do precisely as he pleases or not do as he pleases. Why he chooses some and not all is a mystery known only to him.

We humans live in a worldly experience with FOUR dimensions; 1.) length, 2.) height, 3.) width, and the whole is moving through 4.) time.

My moniker “GodIsPerfection” attempts to point in an extra-worldly direction toward a 5th or more unseen dimensions. NOTHING in this fallen 4 dimensional world is perfection.

To imagine in your mind a Being of pure perfection requires OTHER WORLDLY thinking. That Being (in monotheism) is God. Every religion begins with the concept of a purely perfect other-worldly being. That is a tiny seed that can be nurtured and grown.

Jesus’ ministry in this world was primarily to announce an other-worldly dimension he called THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.

He knew that everyone could not grasp the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven. If you do, you are very blessed. If you do not, read the Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Read them repeatedly if you can’t get it. Keep knocking, and the door will be opened unto you.

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