If God's love is 'overflowing', wouldn't that mean he can't control the amount of love he has? (Omnipotence question)


If God’s love is ‘overflowing’ to the point where he created us, wouldn’t that mean he can’t control the amount of love he has? Wouldn’t that mean he is not all powerful since his love seems to be going into ‘excess’ of what he actually is?


Figure of speech?


Overflowing for us. Not for Him. So, God’s love is not excess to Himself.


Love is Gods Nature.

How can one overflow oneself? It’s like asking “is Spyridon too human? He’s just overflowing humanity”

It’s nonsensical unless you have a fundamental misunderstanding in Who and What God Is.


I think it is a colourful figure of speech that some people make to try and say God’s love was so great that he couldn’t keep it to himself, so he made us. It is an anology. God’s love is so great it is like the cup runneth over.


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