If homosexuality is contrary to natural law, then why did God create people that way?

Homosexuality is said to be a violation of natural law. Natural law is a part of Gods will and God cannot go against his will.

So how would it be possible for him to create homosexuality without violating his nature?

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Homosexual acts are the issue with natural law, not SSA.

People have all sorts of “disordered” desires. The origins of some of these desires are not completely understood. So, before asking your question an assumption has to be made that God somehow has a hand in them, which seems like it might be at the heart of your question.

Not sure I understand this part.


Put simply, He didn’t create anyone like that. There is no evidence for a genetic origin of homosexual inclinations, and significant evidence to the contrary, such as twin studies, and the fact of the existence of ex-gay individuals.

The “born that way” concept is a false rationalization meant to make such behaviors seem natural to the human person, when they are anything but. There’s no evidence for it, it’s just one of those things that has been presented as true by biased media for so long that people accept it as a defacto truth without giving it any real thought.

As with all sinful inclinations, it is human nature distorted by sin which is the cause, not God.

Beyond that, as 1Lord1Faith points out, the presence of the inclination is not sinful, the choice to act on it is. This is true of most sins, simply having the temptation or desire isn’t sinful. It’s not a sin until I act on it.


The homosexual lobby is inconsistent about whether homosexuality is a nature you can be born with and therefore have no choice about, or a lifestyle choice you should (in their view) be free to make.

If the former, then it is an inherent and possibly genetic disorder, comparable possibly to other disorders such as alcoholism, for which the solution is abstinence; if the latter, then it is simply a form of concupiscence like any other.


As a homosexual I can say with clear conscience that there is no proof or reason to believe that it is decided by nature. In my situation it was most likely the abuse I experienced as a child and the psychology of having an absent father for most of my life and being raised by women mixed with ptsd from a shooting from childhood. Psychology already has a strong enough claim in this race backed by actual facts.


Just as a person with ptsd has no choice in the matter neither does a homosexual but they do however have the ability to choose whether or not act on their urges.


Logical fallacy. If God created people to know that murder is wrong, why do people desire to murder?


Some people are born with greater tendencies to drunkenness, lust, gluttony. Many people are born predisposed to certain mental diseases, while others are born with many physical and intellectual handicaps. Some people are born to rich families, many are born into poverty.

Is being born with a predisposition to same sex attraction but otherwise being a highly functional individual going to be the issue that makes or breaks peoples’ faith when all these other things are understood?


So, again, I don’t believe in SSA theory because it implies we are all susceptible to it. Nope. I know there is nothing in the world that could change my straightness and I knew this at a young age. So, I imagine for the LGBTQ community it is the same.

Again, I don’t mean to upset people by not agreeing with this whole discussion. I’m just answering OP. I’m sure there are a lot of prayerful Catholics in real life and online who know it’s a given the LGBTQ are born that way. They may not participate in a discussion like this for fear of chastisement by people who have to toe the line to fit in, but again I God asks us to speak up for the marginalized and sympathize with their plight. And again, I’m from California, lived in Manhattan and London been to Europe. So, I’ve seen Catholicism in different places and a lot of this Gay by Choice talk is really a regional, local perception not necessarily one shared by most people in other regions.

Finally, this whole Gay by Choice things may exist but only for a small portion of people and those people would be bisexuals. But the problem with bisexuality among men is that it is so hidden and comes with such shame, a bisexual person might not know that there are actually fully straight people out there. They may not know it is not heterosexual to feel attraction for the same gender. I remember in the nineties there were stupid arguments that sexuality was fluid, anyone is slightly bisexual. Nope, again. There are Straights, there are Gays, and there are Bisexuals. More than likely the people spouting this stuff, who were secular, were bisexual and thought everyone was like that. So, again, if SSA theory has any merit it is only for bisexuals and I don’t know how large that number is. I still think Straights are the majority.

One can choose to avoid getting drunk, lusting after someone, and overeating. A gay person cant avoid being attracted to a person of the same sex. Even if they tried.

None of these are violations of natural law. They are handicaps, privileges, and undesirable circumstances.

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God created us all with the capability for every sort of sin - not that I’m suggesting that mere attraction to the same sex is sinful.

This does not just apply to homosexual sex or other sexual sins - the question can be asked why did He create us being able to lie, steal, murder or whatnot.

The answer probably lies in free will. God, having free will and knowing how precious a thing it is when we freely choose the good, knows that this cannot exist if we do not have also the ability to freely choose the bad or the evil.

A person can choose not to have unnatural sex as one can choose not to get drunk or overeat even if one has a predisposition towards such things. Attraction is just an appetite. It’s acting on the appetite that may cause an issue.


First, we are all born with Original Sin.

Here is what the Catechism says about the origin of homosexuality: [2357] … Its psychological genesis remains largely unexplained.

That said, it appears the Church is not sure.

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‘Natural law’ is a theory that things have God-given purposes. It has nothing to do with ‘what happens naturally’. As an unbeliever one of the things I don’t believe in is ‘natural law’. My impression is that many Catholics think ‘natural law’ means ‘genetic origin’ when they are talking about homosexuality. It doesn’t. This does not alter the fact that yes, homosexual behaviour occurs in a large number of species and is therefore ‘natural’ in the sense of ‘naturally and normally occurring’, like hiccups, baldness and a fondness for sugar and fat.


I follow the Church in thinking that the origin of homosexuality in humans is not fully understood. The idea of ‘natural law’ as coming from God is explained this way: " Logically, chronologically, and ontologically antecedent to all human society for which it provides the indispensable basis, the natural or moral law is neither—as Hobbes, in anticipation of the modern positivistic school, taught—a product of social agreement or convention, nor a mere congeries of the actions, customs, and ways of men, as claimed by the ethicists who, refusing to acknowledge the First Cause as a Personality with whom one entertains personal relations, deprive the law of its obligatory basis. It is a true law, for through it the Divine Mind imposes on the subject minds of His rational creatures their obligations and prescribes their duties."

Source - Catholic Answers

Before asking whether God violated His nature by creating homosexuals, we should ask whether God created individuals to be born gay. As far as I know, even the gays themselves admit that they weren’t born that way. Here is one example article that gives their testimony:

It’s important to state that it’s not a choice either. Acting on it however is.

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Homosexuality is a disorder. The same as transgenderism, or anorexia. Most homosexuals have some issues with either mom or dad, for a start. It actually used to be treated as a psychological issue. I believe it is that. We only see it as normal because modern secular society has conditioned the way you think about it.
God doesn’t create people this way. People get same sex attracted due to childhood experiences or trauma, or a feeling of having missed out on the love of a father etc. Many gay men are simply seeking the masculinity that they didn’t have in childhood.

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Do you guys actually know anyone who is gay?


Let’s examine a few statements I’ve read from gay groups:

“There’s nothing to fix.”

“Born that way.”

So, there appears to be the idea that homosexuality is a natural occurrence and perhaps free of some negative events in early childhood. And no ‘gay gene’ has been found as far as I know.

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