If I attend three Masses in one day, can I receive Communion each time?

Recently, I had to speak at all of the Masses at my parish. So I decided to attend each Mass. It was interesting because each Mass had a different celebrant and homily. Since I attended each Mass and did not eat or drink or have grave sin in between each Mass, I felt that I was well disposed to receive Jesus more than once that day. I would have found it very difficult to have been at the Lord’s table and not to have partaken at each meal. Am I wrong about this?

Yes. Canon law states:

One who has received the blessed Eucharist may receive it again on the same day only within a eucharistic celebration in which that person participates, without prejudice to the provision of canon 921 §2 (canon 917).

Christ’s faithful who are in danger of death, from whatever cause, are to be strengthened by holy Communion as viaticum. Even if they have already received holy Communion that same day, it is nevertheless strongly suggested that in danger of death they should communicate again (canon 921).

So, while you can receive Communion up to three times in one day, you can receive the second time only during a Mass and the third time if you are in danger of death. At the Masses in which you fully participated, you could receive Communion at any two of those Masses but not the third. Personal feelings of disposition and discomfort do not factor into the equation.

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