If I did It: Confessions of the killer

Anybody considering reading this book? The profits will go to paying off the civil judgement that OJ owes the Goldman family. How do you feel about the book?

I haven’t read the book, but I imagine it’s probably just a play by play of what OJ actually did do.

I don’t know what would possess him to do such a thing to the Goldman family.

I’ll read it when my library gets it in, just out of curiosity. I think the man is totally insane to have written this book. Even if it was a ghoster writer that did the work, he’s insane for putting his name on the dust jacket. I had been willing to believe he was innocent, but after this book, well, what kind of innocent man would write/take credit for writing something like that? And the saddest part is knowing his children have to see this tripe and know he’s causually speculating on how he would have KILLED THEIR MOTHER! That’s just disgusting.

i’ll be like the brown family, i wont even give this book my time of day.

The suggestion that I heard was, buy the book (so that the money goes to the Goldmans; OJ gets nothing from it), & then destroy it. (If you take off the cover, most recycle programs will turn the pages into recycled paper).

Why not just donate money to the Goldmans and be done with it? Buying the book and destroying it is a waste of time. Sheesh.:smiley:

It is disgusting. I feel so sorry for those kids. They must be so confused. I’ve often wondered what they really think of their Dad, whether they believe he’s totally innocent or wonder whether he did it or not. It sounds like they still have a relationship with him. Sad.

What’s REALLY sad is that there doesn’t seem to be an ounce of remorse in him. And that’s really going to bite him in the butt on Judgement day if he doesn’t repent. :nope:

This may a bit off topic but I hope these new charges against him puts in the slammer for a LONG time.

I won’t read the book because I won’t contribute one penny to Fred Goldman.

O.J. is innocent.

Even if he was found not guilty he was still also found liable–and that’s why he has to pay.

I hope you are joking.

If not, I would like you to read Outrage: the 5 Reasons Why OJ Simpson Got Away With Murder by Vincent Bugliosi, and then tell me OJ is innocent.

But I’m sure you are joking…:wink:

Man, I remember that episode in 1994 like it was yesterday. I was actually on a church trip to Orlando (nice way to lure kids into repairing houses). I remember coming in from a day of work and getting out of the shower and seeing everyone crowded around the TV watching the Bronco chase. I even begged our group leader to forgo the evening’s prayer service b/c this was such a culturally significant event unfolding on TV. I was warped, I know…:smiley: but I was 18…

I won’t buy the book but I support the Goldman’s efforts. You can’t put monetary value on human life but at least they are getting some sort of compensation from OJ.

My middle school broadcasted the Bronco chase and trial’s conclusion for this reason.

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