If i die before confessing


If i have confessed a mortal sin but i have not had a chance to say it in another confession, is it forgiven ?

Previously i told every mortal sin i could honestly remember but now i thought of it.

If i die before confessing it is it forgiven or not ?


Absolution has not been rendered.

Hence, unless you have perfect contrition, and barring a miracle, if you really are in mortal sin, you will go to hell. This is the sound theological position. Whether God would work a miracle in these circumstances is entirely up to him. Confession is an immense privilege, not something we are entitled to, so if we die before absolution without perfect contrition, that’s on us for sinning mortally.


Yes, it’s forgiven. Forgotten sins are forgiven, a deliberately withheld sin invalidates the Confession and @INP’s answer would be relevant.


Sorry, I misread the post. I thought the OP meant dying in mortal sin during confession, in which case the answer holds. Now I think about it though, what did the OP mean? I can’t understand what he’s trying to say.


i mean if i got absolution for it, later i remembed it but i died before i got to confession again to confess it. is the absolution valid ?


Oh, absolutely. If you genuinely forget, having payed due diligence in the confession, absolution has been confected and you are free from sin. Just mention it at your next confession by saying ‘at my last confession, I forgot to mention I sinned against x through the sin of y z times’ or a similar formula. This will complete your previous confession, though the sin has already been forgiven.


God’s forgiveness isn’t limited to the Confessional

God forgives sins of those who lived before Christ came and he forgives the sins of non-Catholics as well

Confession, is actually the sacrament of reconciliation. When we sin we harm the body of Chris which is the Church, It is to the Church we are reconciled to.

People who suffer scrupulosity lack an understanding an experience of God’s mercy and forgiveness.

I blame the Church for this.



Just to clarify, it’s your position that if one is in the process of confessing to a priest but has the misfortune of dying before receiving absolution, he’s on the Highway to Hell?


No, if he’s in mortal sin and without perfect contrition (which is pretty rare), and unless there’s miraculous intervention, that’s the Church’s position. Look, I apply this to myself as much as to you or the OP. You can complain all you want, it’s Church teaching.


Such a case suggests that the person died in the confessional, just before receiving Absolution

Very unlikely, but if it did happen, the priest would give absolution while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.



If the person was already dead, but there was reason to believe soul had not departed the body, conditional absolution would be confected.


Is that directed at me? I wasn’t complaining about anything. I was asking you for some clarification.


Either way, the soul is at the Mercy of God.



Oh, not at all, I shouldn’t have used the second person. I was referring to most people’s position on what seems to be a harsh teaching. I apologise if it came across that way. Your phraseology and tone in your response (you know, with ‘highway to hell’) did leave me thinking you disagreed with me though. God bless.


We’re cool.


Great. You have my prayers.


no, i mean if i confessed the mortal sins, got absolution for them, but after so long, i remembefed the mortal sin i had absolution for.


You’re not being clear.

You confessed the mortal sin.
You got absolution for it.

Why then do you have to remember it and confess it again?

Nowhere have you said you forgot a mortal sin. In fact, you were quite clear that you confessed the sin and got absolved.

What’s the problem?


The OP was clearer here. The original post, and the later one you quote, was indeed pretty much unintelligible.


i didn’t confess it again. i confessed every sin i could femember.

Roman Catholics say if you remember a mortal sin, even though you were absolved you should confess it in your next confession.

i did not remember it wben i received absolution.

if i died is the abso,ution valid ?

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