If I died tonight, would I goto hell?

I have not been involved in my catholic faith for quite some time now, but I have recently been trying to get back and involved in the catholic church by confessing my sins, going to church and trying my hardest to live a good christian life.

This past Sunday night I actually just realised that I have commited a lot of sins, and realised that I NEED to confess them to god. I have asked for forgiveness while personally talking to God, but haven’t yet gone to confessional at my church, I heard that confession is usually held on Saturdays, And I plan on going tomorrow to confess everything. But say I died tonight with these years and years of built up sins (some of which are very grave) meaning I would goto confession tomoroow, would I go to hell if (god forbid) I died tonight?

Dear Steven,

If you have what the Church calls perfect contrition, your sins would be forgiven. To have perfect contrition is to be repentent because you love God and are truly sorry for having offended Him, rather than you are just sorry because you don’t want to go to hell.

How does one know if he or she has perfect contrition? Only God can know. But it’s what you have to work with until you receive the sacrament. Just trust in His mercy. You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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