If I forgot what my penance was, was it OK to impose one on myself?

I have not followed the teachings of the church until recently and I had not been to confession more than a few times since my first confession 40 years ago. I tend to get very nervous. I went to confession Saturday and as most of the priests I have received confession from lately do not pause between the penance and the absolution I was focused on getting the Act of Contrition in there and I realized on my way home that I had forgotten what the priest gave me for penance. I decided to say one Mystery of the Rosary, clean my apartment, and fast, skipping dinner and not eating until Sunday morning as penance. I thought that should more then cover it compared to what the priests normally give for penance. I asked God to forgive my over site and said an Act of Contrition. I went to Mass Sunday and received communion. Now I feel guilty that I sinned by taking it upon myself to impose a penance and by receiving communion. Was this a sin? Do I need to confess the self imposed penance and receiving communion before I can receive communion again?

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The following link should help answer your question about penance. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.
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