If I get rejected from Religious life, what exactly is my vocation?


I’m applying for a Religious order of Sisters next year, the only one I feel drawn to.
But what if they reject me? I know I’m not called to marriage. So I just have to be single and that will be God’s will?


This will really have to be something you discuss with a priest or trusted spiritual adviser. Us here on the net won’t be able to really determine your possible vocation.

I am praying for you.


If you are rejected, you should look into other orders and maybe visit secular institutes and look into becoming a consecrated virgin. For the latter, you would have to speak to your bishop about it and he would determine if you are eligible; normally, it requires physical virginity, although there is an exception for rape victims.


I don’t understand the point in becoming a consecrated virgin. What does it achieve other than drawing attention to the fact that you’ve never had sex and didn’t become a nun?
And I think there’s only a few thousound of them in the world so no one other than people on forums like these have actually heard of it.
I believe you need witnesses who have known you for many years that confirm you are In fact a virgin and I really don’t share that kind of intimate detail with most people I know since I wasn’t raised Catholic.


From the Baltimore Catechism:

Q. Why did God make you?
A. God made me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him for ever in heaven.



As well as consecrated virgin…there is also the option of being a consecrated*hermit, anchorite, or anchoress…


You are attracted to a certain order. But, that is by your will. God’s will is so often different from our own. Read the lives of the Saints. Many of them were rejected by religous orders. But, they persevered.


Your vocation is what God’s plan is for your life. I have learned that when doors close, God will always open a new window for example in your case, if you are rejected from a particular order, it might mean: that this order isn’t the one God has planned. Often we grow closer by being obedient to him, by saying yes when it makes no sense.

I encourage you to have an open spirit because so often God works in ways that don’t make sense. For example sometime in the next year, you could meet a really nice guy who you have a lot in common with. It could bring confusion but it could also be God’s plan for your life as well. You could also get into the order that you desire. I know one nun who got accepted into one order but it wasn’t working for her so she left it and tried another. The second one she is in love with it.I also know of several nuns who lived the religious life for many years until they left and went onto new adventures. I also know of many nuns who entered the religious order and have been happy in the same one for decades.

Life is full of twists and turns. No one knows where God is going to lead them and vocational life doesn’t involve one direction but several journeys that God is calling you to travel.

I think you just need to see what happens and worry later if your dream doesn’t come true. About a decade ago, I began to dream of becoming something and I had to let it go until recently because God needed me to learn before I was ready to apply for it.

Everything happens in it’s time. Just enjoy the ride.



Mother Teresa said if it is God’s will that he will give us the means. If he doesn’t, she thought it meant it wasn’t his will.


I’m not sure how u would know something like that for sure. It is important to always remain open to whatever and where ever God may be leading u.

But as another poster said, please speak to your spiritual director about your concerns, or if u don’t already have one, please do get one. Believe me, u don’t want to try to travel this road of discerning one’s vocation alone.


How would you answer a person who was dating and thought they would marry their sweetie and spend the rest of their life with them, and then the relationship falls apart? Would you say, “I guess you’ll have to remain single for the rest of your life!” No! Of course not.

I think you can change how you are looking at your situation, which by the way, is only speculation. The important part for all of us is the walk with Christ. We are all faced with challenges and disappointments and failures and we have to keep our eyes on Christ and learn to say, “What’s next?” It’s a journey and we hold onto Christ’s hand as we go. One step at a time. In the meantime, be faithful today, be generous today. It’s in being faithful in little things that God grants us bigger things.


Thank you, very helpful responses!
If I’m rejected by this order I will look into joining other orders.


how many different communities have you looked at? did you start locally?

i have a private forum where you can talk freely about this:




I won’t be worried if get rejected from Religious Life because God did not reject me. There can be error in the judgement of others about my vocation. My vocation is to live saintly life as Christ lived. Christ did not join the Jewish Order of Priests but he lived a life of Celibacy and Purity.


Let me ask you what you think the point is for religious life. Everyone is called to live the evangelical counsels in one way or another. Why bother vow them? Why bother get married? Is there a point to that vocation? You know, many people say it is just a piece of paper. Did you know the Rite of Consecration for Virgins says that virgins reject marriage for the sake of which marriage is the sign? Did you know that the Church began with consecrated virgins, then virgins and widows, and only in the 4th/5th centuries did religious appear and they began with consecrated virgins and widows banding together? The vocation of the consecrated virgin is very profound and like marriage or religious life, goes way beneath the surface. I’d suggest if you are serious about making an informed vocational decision, that you read some of the Church documents on the different vocations and try to understand them. Vita Consecrata is a good place to start for consecrated life in general. The Rite of Consecration is an excellent document to understand the vocation of consecrated virginity. Provida Mater and the 1983 Magisterium on Religious Life document are two good Vatican docs on religious life and secular institutes.

The bishop will ask if your reputation is good but he will not have you do a physical. Some CVs I know are converts and preserved their virginity.


Read the story of St. Rita, and ask her to intercede with our Lord for you. If it is His will, it will be done.


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