If I go on a volunteer trip where no Sunday Mass is available, is it a sin to miss Mass?

I am planning a volunteer trip to Nepal to help at a rural school. However, there is only one Catholic Church in Nepal, and it is about ten hours away from the school. I plan to stay for about a month. In this situation, is it acceptable for me to miss Sunday Mass? Thank you!

The general principle of canon law is that no one can be obligated to do the impossible (Boniface VIII, De Regulis Iuris, no. 8, Nemo potest ad impossibile obligari).

In the situation you describe it is basically impossible for you to attend Mass. Therefore your obligation is considered abrogated.

However, if you’d like to “play it safe”, you can always ask your pastor for a dispensation (CCC 2181) but I don’t think you need to.

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