If I go to the 5pm mass tonight, will it fulfill my Sunday obligation?


There are 5pm masses here, and I called a couple rectories and the receptionists said “yeah, our Saturday evening mass is OK for both obligations”, but I’m reading stuff about no double-dipping.

If it doesn’t count for both, could I attend the Saturday 5pm mass tonight, and stay for the Immaculate Conception mass immediately following? There’s a special Spanish Immaculate Conception mass at 6:30 tonight and the Spanish community really knows how to honor Mary and the masses are fun.


Those receptionists would be wrong: the Saturday evening Mass does not count for both.

I think that should be fine!


Stay for both :slight_smile:


You must go to Mass on the day of precept or the evening prior. If you go to one Mass anytime Saturday, you have fulfilled your obligation for Immaculate Conception. You must either go to another Mass afterward on Saturday evening or a Mass anytime on Sunday in order to then fulfill the Sunday obligation.



I know this is splitting hairs, but could I go to the normal 5pm Saturday mass (to fulfill the Sunday obligation) and then attend a later mass on the same day for the Immaculate Conception? Does the order in which I attend mass matter? Is there a rule that one has to attend the Immaculate Conception mass prior to the Sunday-obligation mass?


Doesn’t matter what Mass you attend. You simply must attend Mass within the specified time frame for each obligation. Friday evening to Saturday for Immaculate Conception, Saturday evening to Sunday for Sunday. Doesn’t matter what texts or readings or music or vestments or anything. Just that you went to Mass to fulfill each obligation.


I think the receptionists you spoke with surely meant either obligation and not both.


The receptionists were not correct. There is no mass that fulfills more than one obligation. Listening to the liturgies makes it clear why that is so.

As for the latter yes you can.


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