If I have a pet in a Condo that has a no pet rule is that mortal or venial sin?

I am moving into a new condo that I will be renting at the end of this month. They have a no pet rule and our daughter has a small cat that is very well behaved. I know the cat won’t do any damage, but I still feel terrible about breaking the rules. Is this a mortal or venial type sin?


You are teaching your daughter not to obey authority.

Not a moral issue, I don’t think. Cats, by virtue of their divinity, are exempt from causing sin :wink: You risk the wrath of the landlord maybe, but not the Lord (unless your Lord is the cat, then… your on your own)

Question authority.

I would approach the condo manager and explain the dilemma. Offer to pay for any damage the cat may do. Maybe put down an extra damage deposit.

I don’t know if it’s moral of venial, but it’s illegal :o

Just do yourself favor: find another place to live, or else, if you must, relocate the animal. They have the policy in place for a reason. :blush:

If you were reasonable, you would ASK the management people about allowing the cat, but you haven’t done that. :mad:

Now you’re guilty because you are doing something you KNOW is wrong :shrug:

(My father always would tell me ‘if you have to sneak, you have no business doing it’)

Your kidding right? Don’t you know people are going to know?

well, you are breaking the rules…it’s not up to be to classify sin - only you can really do that.

As a side note, it’s REALLY not wise. Your cat may be well behaved, but it may have bladder problems later in life, or get panicked one night and tear up a wall or blinds. Not to mention apartments typically have open ventillation and someone could be living in a “no pet” apartment complex due to severe allergies - in which case you could send them to the hospital.

Then of course, there is the fact that if you get caught you face eviction or being forced to give up the cat.

Is it too late to find an apartment that allows pets? We have several pets ourselves, and I couldn’t dream of giving any of them up, but it’s worth the extra work of finding a pet-friendly place than run the risk of losing our cat, or home or sending some with severe allergies to the hospital.


and even if this is the case…

and one has to consider if anyone has pet allergies there too…some can be severe??? perhaps leading to hospitalization or death (not an expert here). ( So it may really be the thing to find a place that allows cats in the norm.)

If I had such allergies…I would live in a place where pets are not allowed and depend on such.

(I do not …I have a dog and two cats…)

Thanks for all your answers so far, but I wasnt asking if you thought I should do it or not, I was asking if the violation in itself warrants me the need to go to confession. BTW-we live in a resort town so there are not many residents, mostly vacationers that all come and go

Ask your priest.

If you are not intending to repent of the sin and try to right the wrong by doing what is right by your landlord, your daughter, the animal, and the other tenants, then confession is a moot point - confession is only for those who know they have done wrong and are trying to right that wrong.

Confession isn’t an indulgence so people can do what they wish.

Talk to your building manager about this and/or find somewhere else to live.

Forgiveness of sin…involves being really repentant and involves the firm purpose of amendment.

Let say for argument it is grave matter…if one confessed it …one still needs the firm purpose of giving kitty the boot …in order to be forgiven in that confession at all! and not sin more …

…there is more here involved than a one time lie…

(for such is in violation of the contract…etc etc (as noted above)

(remember I am “bookcat” and have two cats myself…so I am being funny with the boot thing…not real kicking please)

We have two kitties too! :slight_smile: Love those furballs!


I’m sorry. :eek:

You don’t seem to understand that what you are doing, or what you are proposing doing, is really a wrong thing. No matter what type of sin it is labeled at being, in even the most secular terms, it’s wrong.

It’s insensitve. It’s unsafe and mean. :frowning:

You are serving no good for any one with what you are plannning to do. There are no excuses for what you want to do.

It doesn’t matter how long any one will be there or not, YOU should not be there if the location has a no-pet policy and you KNOW this and want to take your pet.

Please consider this, and don’t ask others to participate when you are trying to do wrong and have it excused. It’s just not right. :mad:

I have to agree. I really hate it when people don’t think that the rules apply to them. I would think its a sin, not sure if venial or moral, but at the very least its deception and a lie, ergo a sin.

It sounds to me like you’re just looking for a way to excuse going against the terms of the contract. Yes, the violation would warrant going to confession, but only if you were truly sorry for committing the infraction. Confession isn’t around to excuse doing something wrong when we have no intention of changing the behavior.

By the way, if you had an allergy to pets, how would you enjoy your vacation if you had a serious allergic reaction because someone in the community you stayed at was going against the policies? Not exactly my idea of a vacation.

Last I heard lying is a sin. And everyday you live there with your cat your lying.

I would not see it as a sin. You are merely violating an arbitrary rule. I would not give up something that I love just to please another person. I would do whatever I could get away with. I know that may sound a little ironic since I am discerning with the Jesuits(who emphasize obedience), but I think that you understand what I am saying.

Then you sight is not in aligmnent with the Church teaching. Disobedience of lawful rules is a sin.

You are merely violating an arbitrary rule.

Why do you think it is an arbitrary rule?

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