If I have doubts should I still become Catholic?

I’m going through RCIA and am on tract to join the Catholic church at Easter. I am presently a confirmed Lutheran. The problem is: as we get into the nuts and bolts of the faith, I’m beginning to have doubts. Especially concerning praying to saints and the need for reconciliation. I worry about taking on the infamous “Catholic guilt,” possibly because I have a tendency to carry a lot of guilt from my past already.

I’m having a tough time with transitioning from being saved completely by grace and never losing that salvation, as the Lutheran church teaches, to the Catholic view of salvation through faith along with doing good works. I don’t know if this teaching is just at odds with what I’ve been taught to believe, causing me discomfort, or if I really need to put the brakes on and give a lot more prayerful consideration before changing churches.

Adding to my confusion is the fact that my faith was severely shaken by the suicide of my husband one and a half years ago.

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