If I know of some people who do illegal stuff for a living is it a sin not to report it to the police?


I know of a few families who do illegal stuff for a living


What illegal stuff exactly?

Do you have actul evidence you can show the police?

Do you think the police don’t already know?

Will you be in danger of violence if they learn you went to the police?


I would prefer not to say what it is I don’t have evidence I just know but normally we shouldn’t snitch on our own people my father and mother know about them too but won’t tell the police but I think it’s very unlikely that they would find out it was me
I’m thinking of just making and anonymous phone call to the police this knowledge is really haunting my Conscience And I need to get it off my chest but if it isn’t a sin to know and not tell then I won’t tell tbh I wasn’t even thinking of telling the police until I see a video of them beating up someone they where really proud that 4 of them had just beat up 1 man and it really broke my heart to watch i just feel
Something has to be done I told my dad and he told me to keep my nose out


Where’s Solomon when you need him.

Lots of dilemmas.
Have you thought of asking your priest, he’d know best?


You can pray to God to change their ways of making a living but it will take time.


So if “one of your own people” killed someone would you snitch on them? let them know in some way that you know what they are up to and if they carry on then report them anonymously if you have to , crime is high enough here in the UK without turning a blind eye to it.



She shouldn’t let them know that she knows what they’re doing, that’s potentially very dangerous in my opinion!

I know good people must make a stand against crime but I also get the impression that Rosie is quite young, I may be wrong.

I realise that it gives us nothing to speak about but I honestly think she should consult with her priest, he may even be aware of this problem himself.

Sorry @Learner1969 but I strongly disagree.


Learner, the scriptural injunction to first confront the miscreant applies only to the participants in the Christian community. Those people are not. And, like Lee said, it is downright dangerous. They could end up killing Rosie and even her family in retaliation.

I have been in such situations, and my rule is if you or anyone else is in danger as a result of another’s crime, it should be reported. If that video she just saw is still available, there is evidence. Since her father is opposed to reporting it, she should seek the support of her priest.


I think you should perhaps discuss this with your priest in Confession and ask for his advice. Tell him what you think the crime being committed is. But I would avoid naming names to the priest as he doesn’t really need to know the names of the people you suspect. I would also let the priest know the extent of your fears and worries.


If I was you, I would also go back and delete the posts you gave on here (that include the details of what happened) that might possibly identify you.


Unless it’s directly harming you or someone you know I’d say mind your own business.


Personally I think crime generally is our business, that is we should be concerned about crime whether it seems to directly affect us or not. Crime does affect all of us whether it’s by simply increasing the cost of insurances or by the more devastating effects of the erosion of law and order. I don’t think there’s any such thing as a victimless crime.
I feel we must take a stand but do it through the right channels and that is key. Not just to protect ourselves from retribution but also to avoid undermining the legal framework constructed at some considerable financial and human cost over the centuries. It’s improtant for our children and the vulnerable in society that we seek to halt the slide toward anarchy and chaos. It is I think our duty as Catholics to engage with this issue.

The right thing to do I would suggest is to speak with your priest, he should give you wise counsel, he may also take it further himself, by doing this I think you will have done your bit to help.


Keep - your distance from them !
Have NOTHING to do with them.
Let them know - if at all possible - covertly -
that you - are a strong believer in Jesus.
You have to - establish that.

4 on 1 - had to be tough to watch.
Other people - had to see this video.
It’s from the devil.
Violence and intimidation is from Satan.
The book of Proverbs - has a lot of wisdom - concerning such people.

Keep your distance.
Police, most likely, know who they are.
Sometimes - the Police are even afraid.
If 4 beat up 1 -
they would easily do worse - if opportunity was there.


You need to talk to your priest. You have been posting very scrupulous Leaning posts about the sins of others, your sisters and now possible criminal neighbors or family.

You are a teenager.

You need real life guidance from your parents and your pastor, not posting on a public forum.

This is not a yes or no question. There are many questions to be asked before discerning what to do. It is not an appropriate topic for this message board and following advice here could get you into a bad situation. Please consult a person you trust IRL.


They might go after her if she discloses that.


Speak to your priest in confidence and get his help. If it was me, I would report it to the police asap, but you are young. Ask the priest to help you if he agrees you should say something so you can do it safely and anonymously.

You need help for these issues in real life, and I’m very sorry that your parents just turn a blind eye to the evil and violence.


If you have the video, you can turn it into the police anonymously.


Dear Rosie,
Never, Never post online you know of illegal stuff and thinking of turning them in. Not safe. Pray about it and if you feel it is really necessary to turn them in talk to your priest but make sure you know what you are talking about because your life will change.


You have suspicions, if these suspicions are cultivated they can actually lead to the sin of rash judgement.

I would advise to keep yourself safe and not hang out with people who brag about beating others.


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