If i like Matt Maher then i might also like

It seems like Matt Maher and his road show buddies are the only Catholic artists that i like. does anyone know any other Catholic contemporary musicians like him that i might like (plz not metal or rap it hurts 0_0)? I like the contemporary christian sound in general, but it feels like i’m betraying that catholic christian part of me when i listen to chris tomlin and the other protestant artists. the non-catholic bands are good for love and mercy and such but they’re just missing that catholicy bit that i want.:rolleyes:

I like Matt Maher too. Two similar (IMO) muscians that I like are Tom Booth and John Angotti. You might also like the group Critical Mass.

audrey assad is catholic…a friend of matt maher…she was (and is still is sometimes) touring with matt before she was signed. her album “the house you’re building” was chosen by amazon as the best christian album of 2010.

I don’t know, I like Chris Tomlin. If I’m looking for theology I go for something more in depth like the Mass or a good book; songs are not good at getting across such things. That’s just my opinion though. :shrug:

yea audrey assad is really amazing and ill look into the other guys.

usually for theology i just read the bible :slight_smile: but i’m thinking about reading one of st. augustine’s books too

You might like Jars of Clay. No, they are not Catholic (though two were educated in a Jesuit prep school), but their latest CD, The Shelter, features Audrey Assad and Matt Maher. It is a worship album in which Jars of Clay invite other artists to collaborate with them in the songwriting, and record with them in the studio. Matt Maher also opened for JoC on a tour, Audrey Assad joined them on several dates as well. Interestingly, though JoC are not Catholic, they are very respectful of Catholics, and have used Catholic imagery in their past; the Gregorian Chant in the song Liquid; and in the video, Lead Singer Dan Haseltine is seen clutching a set of rosary beads.

ok, if we are going to widen the field to “non-Catholic musicians who have Catholic-type theology in their music” :smiley: I would also add the late Rich Mullins. He was rumoured to be in the process of converting to the Catholic Church when he died and was a daily Mass attendee. The first time I heard his song “Screen Door” being played on a Christian (not Catholic) radio station, I was blown away. It’s all about how “faith without works” (faith alone) is useless. A very Catholic position. :thumbsup: And a very infectious song.

Personally, I don’t feel the need to seperate Catholic and Protestant musicians. They are so much a like that people don’t have any idea which is which unless they look into it. Many Protestants love Maher and have no idea he’s Catholic.

The vast majority of Christian musicians cover general topics that are not really specific to any form of Christianity and not many should be objectionable to Catholics.

Like someone posted above, don’t listen to Christian music to learn theology, listen to it for the story and the praise…

I will be going to the Higer Ground music festival next month and can’t wait to see Jeremy Camp,Kutless,Mercy me,Matthew West and Go Fish for my daughter. It’s all good and Catholic friendly, IMO.

This is the URL of a story on Rich Mullins death which also includes the day that he was supposed to be officially received into the catholic church:


Rich Mullins “A Liturgy, a Legacy, and a Ragamuffin Band” features several songs based on the liturgical prayers recited during a Catholic Mass. He was on his way to becoming Catholic, he went through RCIA, but got “cold feet” (he had unanswered questions). A visit to Catholic CCM artist John Michael Talbot helped with finding answers, as Talbot went through a similar journey. Mullins finally decided he could wait no longer to receive Our Lord in the Eucharist, and called the priest who guided him through instructions. The weekend before, he died in that accident on his way to perform a concert. AFAIC, he was a Catholic by desire.

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