If I Pray For Grace

Is Grace something - that is outward noticeable to others ?
A behavior trait that we ourselves don’t particularly notice ?
Is that - the blessing - one attains ?

I know there’s a few definitions / usages to the word -
such as " saying grace " before meals -
or a ice skater - has a certain grace about them.

I’ve been studying about prayer - and have been noticing this word - repeatedly.

Also " Hail Mary, full of grace…" ( could this be her innocence ? )

Thanks !

Ok, I should warn you in advance that I might phrase this a little clumsily as I’m having trouble finding the exact passage in the Catechism.

Grace is a favor, a blessing from God that helps us draw closer to Him and be better. It could take the form of a personality trait, such as being a particularly kind person, or it could be something like a better awareness of God or the ability to discern hearts. It could be a strength to oppose a vice, like humility in a person who struggles with pride. I think one of the most frequent graces people pray for is a good death.

Sometimes it’s noticeable, other times hidden.

As for Mary, she was literally “full of grace.” God made her without sin and showered her with graces out of love and in preparation for her role as the Mother of the Son of God.

Hope this helps!


I should also add grace isn’t something we really earn. It’s the Love and Mercy God gives to His children.

Thanks Talitha712,
It sounds like - we don’t merit anything - it’s all grace -
Amazing Grace - and it’s given when it’s given -
I certainly wouldn’t want a lot of it at once - lol -
I’m hardly cool enough !
I will pray for HIS will - to be done. Keep it easy.

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Haha I think God likes to give us graces. I’m sure you’re plenty cool enough to Him :slight_smile: I also think He likes it when we ask for graces and when we use the ones we receive (like any gift, it’s possible to reject grace).

Agreed that grace is a blessing. And it may or not be noticed…even by oneself, but the fruits of grace will be there. The more you pray for graces, the ‘more’ they will ‘become.’ They will stick to you like fuzzy glue. I have met people that have what seemed like natural graces. I do wonder if we lose our graces if and when we may have occasion of sin. I don’t know. Peace.

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